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2 Pink Lilies
Twin pink lilies from our water garden

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3 Lilies
I love my water lilies!
frog & bug Goldfish

Daisy Dragonfly:  A recent watergarden visitor!

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Sandy's Heart-Shaped Water Garden Slide Show

The Ultimate Valentine from Larry to Sandy!

Part 1

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Hope you enjoy our "Water Garden Slide Show," which takes only a few minutes. There are 29 photos in the show. The show is in two parts because of the time it takes to load the graphics in the background.

This slide show will give you a quick view of the beginning of our water garden through the different stages of construction which took nearly two years. Wheew! We made it! Begin by clicking on "Next Slide" above.

Lovebirds visit our water garden!

"Eeek!! There's a Monster in Our Water Garden!" - Sandy's encounter with a mysterious fish.

  Latest Pond Pictures - These pictures were taken on July 20, 2001. A view from our back porch.

Learn more about water gardening. Join the Greater Phoenix Pond Society. A terrific group of water garden and pond enthusiasts. Read the latest online newsletter and get details of our monthly meetings.

Visit the Pond Society Message Boards. Have a question about water gardens? This is a great area to find a Phoenix expert to answer it.

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