From: "E. Schrodinger" cyu@reocities.com Newsgroups: talk.politics.theory,soc.history,talk.politics.libertarian,soc.history.war.misc,alt.society.labor-unions,soc.history.what-if,alt.politics.libertarian,sci.econ,alt.politics.socialism,alt.politics.economics,alt.politics.radical-left Subject: Re: Reagan & HISTORY Date: Tue, 03 Jun 1997 15:07:39 -0700 Organization: Church of Scientology, Intimidation, and Vast Profits, Inc. Gary Forbis wrote: > Reagan inheritted a screwed up economy and a paranoia of socialism. Nixon > played a part in both these things. LBJ's "Great Society" exemplified > creeping socialism in the US and the union responses to not being allowed > to participate in price inflation further fueled his paranoia. The problem with demonizing an entire set of beliefs is that it leaves you nowhere to go except the polar opposite. There's a Jekyll and Hyde in every society, and when it tries to decide once and for all which one it is by killing the other half, is when it risks eternity as Mr. Hyde. No child becomes democrat or republican until you explain what it is the two sides are, and then pose the question. By the time the definitions are done and the question is posed, the choice becomes inevitable. Decisions are not so much made in the answering as they are made in the asking. -------- Newton's Law of General Stupidity: Human behavior can be completely predicted by knowledge of all the chemical and electrical interactions within the brain. Thus there's no such thing as "free will". Heisenburg's Law of Special Stupidity: By trying to study the chemical and electrical interactions within a person's brain, we change those interactions. Thus it is not possible to determine "destiny".
3.6.97 14:20 That greatest of video games. From: "E. Schrodinger" cyu@reocities.com Newsgroups: talk.politics.theory,sci.econ,talk.politics.libertarian,alt.politics.radical-left,alt.politics.economics,alt.society.labor-unions,alt.politics.libertarian,alt.politics.socialism,alt.fan.rush-limbaugh Subject: Re: inflation-unemployment trade off Date: Tue, 03 Jun 1997 14:37:17 -0700 Organization: Church of Scientology, Intimidation, and Vast Profits, Inc. Mason A. Clark wrote: > The labor pool is no longer national, it is global. In the past a low rate > on unemployment was thought to nurture wage increases and inflation. > Low unemployment in the U.S. now does not do this because factories > under wage pressure quickly go across borders for low-cost labor. Late 20th century economics can be summarized as slave labor under political autocracy "escaping" into the prisons of economic autocracy. Our great nation today is basically one big prison system, ever growing. Eventually, the majority of people living in this country will be in prison. Laws were a tool to give cowards the courage to do what they believe in, good or bad. In a society where changing your own mind is associated with weakness, we rely on changing laws to change our minds for us, just so we don't have to admit our past mistakes and are able to claim we are only doing what we are forced to do. -------- The only thing that separates us from Pavlov's dogs is that we know WHY we are Pavlov's dogs... and think his dogs do not.
From: "E. Schrodinger" cyu@reocities.com Newsgroups: talk.politics.theory,sci.econ,alt.politics.economics,talk.politics.libertarian,alt.society.labor-unions,misc.invest.stocks,alt.politics.socialism,alt.politics.libertarian,alt.politics.radical-left,alt.fan.rush-limbaugh Subject: Re: inflation-unemployment trade off Date: Tue, 03 Jun 1997 14:20:03 -0700 Organization: Church of Scientology, Intimidation, and Vast Profits, Inc. Dennis Wallick wrote: > Unemployment is low but Underemployment is high because of lack of skills, > switching to a more "service" economy, etc. This may be offsetting the > (supposed) bidding up of wages that happens during periods of low > unemployment. > I have heard, however, a more fascinating reason why inflation is so low > in a high employment economy. It was in a recent (2 months ago?) Wall > Street Journal. The article reported that, thanks to the information age > (i.e., computers), businesses are much better able to manage inventories > (presumably physical and human) so as to avoid shortages in parts (and > people) which cause the economy to overheat. Here's a clue: either overwork or intelligence. Overwork happens when employees suffer from low morale, lack free time, and leave work at the end of the day as a consumer without the energy to consume. So what happens to their money? Stays in the bank, so that bankers can have a ball in that greatest of video games, called The Stock Market. Everybody trying to get the highest score, the most points... and in the end, they don't actually DO anything with it. Intelligence happens when life becomes self- aware. When they realize the difference between WANTING something and marketing TELLING them to want something. --------- The fear of rain was created by umbrella makers.
From: "E. Schrodinger" cyu@reocities.com Newsgroups: talk.politics.theory,alt.politics.economics,can.politics,sci.econ,talk.politics.libertarian,alt.society.labor-unions,ab.politics,alt.politics.libertarian,bc.politics,alt.politics.radical-left,alt.fan.rush-limbaugh,alt.politics.democrats.d,alt.politics.socialism,alt.politics.usa.republican Subject: Re: CAN WE SURVIVE DEMOCRACY?? Date: Tue, 03 Jun 1997 14:02:55 -0700 Organization: Church of Scientology, Intimidation, and Vast Profits, Inc. Ford wrote: > >>> Implicit in all social legislation created by the democratic process > >>> is the express use of force and compulsion as a means of > >>> preventing individuals from exercising choices inconsistent with > >>> government policies. > >>That's very misleading. If 70% hold down 30% there are fewer > >>people being disappointed that they couldn't get their own way, > >>compared to if 30% hold down 70%. Therefore, out of all > >>possible means of determining policy, democracy requires the > >>LEAST amount of compulsion. > By historical standards, democracy is but an infant compared with > other forms of governments. Will it succeed long term? Only time > will tell. A better question: Can we survive communication? Democracy is merely a way of institutionalizing communication before a decision is made. Without democracy, those at the bottom are afraid to disagree with those at the top, and those at the top have neither the obligation nor the structure to listen to those at the bottom. If you worry about whether democracy can oppress, then you should first ask if the tools of oppression (ie. the police, military, media) are structured democratically or autocratically. -------- The two sides of mass communication: credible and gullible.
3.6.97 What they should want next. From: "G. Eliot" cyu@reocities.com Newsgroups: talk.politics.theory,sci.econ,talk.politics.libertarian,alt.politics.economics,alt.politics.radical-left Subject: Re: Are we saving too much for our grandchildren? Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997 18:49:44 -0700 Organization: Church of Scientology, Intimidation, and Vast Profits, Inc. Kevin Bucknall wrote: > One factor is the "greying" of countries, as technology allows us to live > longer (at a high cost of course). But this, coupled with small or even > lowering birth rates, results in proportionatly fewer people of working age > to support the increasing numbers of of older people. Some people fear > that the workers of the future may revolt against an increasing welfare > burden of the aged, especially in countries in Europe, and in Australia, > where state-provided pensions are regarded as the norm and free or > subsidised health care is common. You are assuming that life expectancy will rise, but the point at which there's a cut-off between "able-bodied" and "feeble" is constant. You are also assuming that there will be a great demand for labor, but not enough young people to fill those jobs. And finally, you are assuming that most of today's work force is actually needed to keep everyone alive. ------ Producers who can't produce anything useful keep hiring advertisers until they have redefined "useful".
From: "E. Schrodinger" cyu@reocities.com Newsgroups: talk.politics.theory,sci.econ,alt.politics.economics,talk.politics.libertarian,alt.society.labor-unions,alt.politics.libertarian,alt.politics.socialism,alt.fan.rush-limbaugh,alt.politics.radical-left Subject: Re: Are we saving too much for our grandchildren? Date: Tue, 03 Jun 1997 13:48:30 -0700 Organization: Church of Scientology, Intimidation, and Vast Profits, Inc. jim blair wrote: > But there could be a counter-trend: as health care and medical advances > permit the old (parents) to live ever longer at ever greater costs, this > could generate and exponentially rising expense to compete with the > exponentially rising economic growth you refer to. Again, you have to re-evaluate the concept of "saving". "Saving" resources, saving food, saving knowledge, saving labor. These are all valuable because these are vital to production. "Saving" currency, shiny rocks, useless jobs like bean counting, bureaucracy, marketing... all of these waste time and effort on non-productive trivialities. THAT of course is what employs the vast majority of humanity today, all just WAITING for their TV to tell them what they should want next. ------ So much time and so little to do. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it.
From: "E. Schrodinger" cyu@reocities.com Newsgroups: talk.politics.theory,sci.econ,alt.politics.economics,talk.politics.libertarian,alt.politics.socialism,alt.politics.libertarian,alt.politics.radical-left,alt.fan.rush-limbaugh,alt.society.labor-unions Subject: Re: ECONOMIES IN TRANSITION Date: Mon, 02 Jun 1997 21:00:39 -0700 Organization: Church of Scientology, Intimidation, and Vast Profits, Inc. > abacist@aol.com (Abacist) wrote: > > With respect to the financial system it has been suggested > >that the relative backwardness of the financial system in China has meant > >that the state sector industries can be supported by the printing of money > >(accomodated by the growth in the non-state sector) whereas in the > >economies of Eastern Europe, printing money to finance the state > >industries has created a "monetary overhang" whereby increasing the money > >supply leads to higher inflation. It's a question of who has possession of currency. If the population is constant or decreasing, more currency in circulation means more disposable income. If it is increasing, less disposable income. As a nation becomes more productive, the more it can trade for imports. A strong currency means a country can import more and work less. Stupidity happens when "work less" translates to laid off workers, who then suffer a drop in their standard of living, despite the fact that real goods are coming in in exchange for mere paper. The FIRST beneficiaries of a strong currency should be the jobless, at the least in terms of education... producing ideas that improve productivity. But again, the inherent stupidity of an economy based on competition results in constant reinvention of the wheel and the invention of useless busy work. So what happens when all the currencies of the world are united? Lots of unemployed currency traders. They were never doing anything useful anyway, but because of the way the global economy is structured, these traders have to make monetary union as difficult as possible because their own jobs are at stake. -------- A human is a sex manual's way of producing more sex manuals.
Subject: Re: Frame of Referance and c From: "S. Arsheesh" cyu@reocities.com Date: 1997/06/05 Newsgroups: sci.physics.relativity,talk.politics.theory,comp.theory.cell-automata,talk.politics.libertarian,comp.ai.alife,alt.politics.radical-left,comp.ai,alt.politics.socialism,sci.econ 103207.2417@compuserve.com wrote: > Relativity is not simple but there are two concepts that anyone can > understand, if they are provided with a good explanation. The first is > that the speed of light is the ultimate velocity. This comes from > thermodynamics. There is only so much energy available in any system. We think c is the ultimate velocity only because light is what we use to measure the world. But if neutrinos can exist and have barely any impact on the world around us, it's not hard to imagine a wave / particle faster than light, but even less detectable than neutrinos. If spacetime is quantized and we are red bishops, we will never encounter any black bishops. ------- We think light is at the speed limit only because we've yet to observe or create a faster particle. If Conway's lifeforms measure the universe only with c/4 glider photons, they would have an entirely different concept of maximum speed and orthogonality.
From: "E. Schrodinger" cyu@reocities.com Newsgroups: talk.politics.theory,alt.politics.economics,alt.politics.libertarian,sci.econ,alt.politics.reform,misc.invest.stocks,can.politics,alt.society.labor-unions,talk.politics.libertarian,alt.politics.radical-left,alt.politics.socialism,alt.fan.rush-limbaugh,man.politics Subject: Re: Libertarian Economic Fallacies (Was: Fascism & Libertarian Ignorance of The Facts) Date: Fri, 30 May 1997 19:11:54 -0700 Organization: Church of Scientology, Intimidation, and Vast Profits, Inc. Guru George wrote: > It has to do with having people who turn out to be good at producing > what people will want in the near future, and doing so economically > efficiently, in control of the means of production: that is what > benefits society as a whole. It doesn't matter a toss whether they do > it by intelligence, hard work or by consulting Ouija boards. Wrong. What people want in the near future has only a long term effect. Short term economics happen on the stock market. Rumors, fear, panic, half-truths, fads, fanatics, and lemmings. These impact the fortunes of a company's workers far more than anything else. Rumors of buyouts are started by those who already have investments in the target company, fanned by idiot pawns who then invest in the target company themselves, shooting the price up. The ultimate buyout never happens because rumors always drive the price too high, even if someone DID want to buy. It's just a game of chicken. Who can hold on to their shares the longest before the bottom falls out from below. -------- A people afraid and ashamed of unemployment is forever doomed to bureaucracy, redundancy, and inefficiency. But it keeps 'em outta trouble.
30.5.97 What better way to kill off your society? From: "E. Schrodinger" cyu@reocities.com Newsgroups: rec.arts.books,talk.politics.theory,alt.postmodern,alt.society.labor-unions,alt.politics.socialism,alt.politics.equality,alt.politics.radical-left,alt.politics.libertarian,sci.econ,talk.politics.libertarian,alt.fan.rush-limbaugh,alt.politics.democrats.d,alt.politics.economics,alt.politics.usa.republican Subject: Re: Brainwashing? Ecology? Date: Tue, 03 Jun 1997 13:32:26 -0700 Organization: Church of Scientology, Intimidation, and Vast Profits, Inc. Skyscraper wrote: > My goodness! What a raw display of hatred for morals and ethics we have > here! It seems that you absolutely HATE any idea that calls for morality > and try to call it "brainwashing." Then again, baby-haters tend to call > for rights without responsibilities for all, but only want it for > themselves. Morality and brainwashing are the same thing. Thousands of years ago, humans discovered that certain types of behavior resulted in a society that was more likely to survive. Thus they wrote down these types of behavior, to encourage others to behave in the same way. They called them laws, morals, commandments, whathaveyou. The concept of marriage for example. Before that, humans killed each other for mates. For those societies that actually believed in the sanctity of marriage, those killings ended. Thus marriage was pronounced Good (TM). What has happened after thousands of years of repetition is that the reasoning behind marriage has been completely forgotten, and people started to kill each other for *violating* marriage instead. Ever forgetting the spirit of our laws, and remembering only the wording, we live in a world of eternal stupidity. -------- A human is a sex manual's way of producing more sex manuals.
From: "E. Schrodinger" cyu@reocities.com Newsgroups: rec.arts.books,talk.politics.theory,alt.postmodern,alt.society.labor-unions,alt.politics.equality,alt.politics.radical-left,alt.politics.libertarian,sci.econ,talk.politics.libertarian,alt.fan.rush-limbaugh,alt.politics.democrats.d,alt.politics.economics,alt.politics.usa.republican Subject: Re: Brainwashing? Ecology? Date: Fri, 30 May 1997 18:07:42 -0700 Organization: Church of Scientology, Intimidation, and Vast Profits, Inc. Paul D. Lanier wrote: > ecology movement a certain death-morality for humans has been emerging. I > _doubt_ that humans are _unable_ to keep the planet okay and reproduce at > the same time. I do think the declining industrialized phenonmenon has > real statistics behind it, although the flip side is non-industrial > countries are rising in population. Economic and classist stupidity in these countries, telling their lower classes to refrain from sex or to wait for marriage to the rich and powerful. Crime caused by lack of power and economic frustration. > I am against any death-morality as if human life were not priceless; > whether it be destruction by revolution or by abortion or by genocide. There we go with the abortion red herring again. Fine. When are we ever going to define when life starts? Ovum, sperm... these are both alive even before conception. So are insects, monkeys, dogs, grass, trees, mildew, bacteria. If a woman wants something done to her own body, what right does anyone outside have to prevent her from doing so? Especially if that outsider is male. You want to keep the baby alive? Then YOU help the doctor keep that baby alive. Saline solution, artificial or animal wombs, medical research, orphanages, child care, health care, education, whathaveyou. Put your money where your mouth is. Brainwash girls to starve themselves during their growth years, and then force them to bear children. What better way to kill off your society? ------- An unbiased press is the most dangerous thing in the world because there's no such thing.
From: "H. Stowe" cyu@reocities.com Newsgroups: talk.politics.theory,talk.politics.misc,talk.politics.libertarian,alt.politics.democrats.d,misc.invest.stocks,alt.politics.economics,alt.current-events.usa,alt.society.labor-unions,talk.politics,alt.politics.socialism,alt.fan.rush-limbaugh,alt.politics.radical-left,alt.politics.usa.republican,alt.politics.libertarian,alt.activism,sci.econ,alt.society.liberalism,alt.fan.ronald-reagan Subject: Re: Reagan's Labour Hypocricy. (WAS:CEO wages....who cares?) Date: Tue, 27 May 1997 19:29:08 -0700 Organization: Church of Scientology, Intimidation, and Vast Profits, Inc. Insectus Pentius wrote: > The trick is the Bar Association and the AMA. These LABOUR UNIONS are > designed to create a LABOUR SHORTAGE to keep wages up. What I find > interesting is that Reagan railed against unions like conservatives here > do, only if it benefits the Homer Simpsons of the world. Did anyone ever > hear Reagan complaining about the labour union HE was in, the Screen > Actors' Guild? Like the AMA and Bar Association, it's dwesign purpose is > to limit the labour pool size, jacking up the wages, as shown. Were it not > for the SAG, a Labour Union, Reagan would never have gotten enough money > to become the politician he became. Yep. Employment thrives on stupidity. Truly ethical investors invest in truly useful industries, instead of following the most recent crowd of brainless, spineless, and heartless lemmings. Of course, "ethical broker" is an oxymoron. They would've found another job long ago. It's quite a quandary. They enter the field because of greed, are held in the field because of greed, and won't leave because of greed. Victims of having only one specialization, they are afraid of the world outside. An investment strategist predicts the weather by day, creates it by night... just so he can have something to predict the next day. ---------- A people afraid and ashamed of unemployment is forever doomed to bureaucracy, redundancy, and inefficiency. But it keeps 'em outta trouble.
26.5.97 Nothing more American. From: "E. Schrodinger" cyu@reocities.com Newsgroups: alt.fan.noam-chomsky,soc.culture.usa,soc.culture.europe,alt.politics.libertarian,alt.politics.reform,alt.politics.greens,talk.politics.misc,alt.activism,alt.fan.rush-limbaugh,alt.society.anarchy,alt.politics.media,alt.politics.radical-left,alt.society.revolution,alt.society.resistance,alt.politics.british,alt.politics.youth,alt.current-events.usa,alt.fan.g-gordon-liddy,alt.fan.newt-gingrich,alt.politics.correct,alt.politics.equality,alt.postmodern,talk.politics.theory,alt.nuke.the.USA,alt.nuke.europe,soc.culture.british,alt.society.labor-unions,uk.politics.misc,uk.misc,sci.econ,alt.politics.ec,misc.invest.stocks,talk.politics.european-union,alt.politics.economics,soc.culture.europe,soc.culture.german,soc.culture.celtic Subject: Re: The Un-Contented Workers of America Date: Fri, 30 May 1997 18:56:11 -0700 Organization: Church of Scientology, Intimidation, and Vast Profits, Inc. Randall E. Hill, Jr. wrote: > You forgot to say that middle management is also getting its ass > downsized. A friend of my parents walked into his bank one day after > working there since the early '60's. He was fired on the spot and told to > be off the premises within one hour. This was done while he had one > daughter in college (university) and the other getting ready to go. This > bank fired all its older workers to replace them with people in their > twenties. (Gen X works for cheap, if it works at all.) > Fucking corporate bastards. Downsizing is an admission of defeat. A sign of corporate stupidity and cowardice, unable or afraid to reform or solve its own problems. No amount of assets or information is useful unless there is LABOR to make use of it. Downsizing, by definition, has lowered the value of the company. And yet whenever a company announces layoffs, Wall Street bozos reward them for the most obvious sign of incompetent monarchy. ------- Pride is the virtue that can agree with a suggestion only after the subject has changed.
From: "Mr. Downsized" unemployed@pissed.off Newsgroups: alt.fan.noam-chomsky,soc.culture.usa,soc.culture.europe,alt.politics.libertarian,alt.politics.reform,alt.politics.greens,talk.politics.misc,alt.activism,alt.fan.rush-limbaugh,alt.society.anarchy,alt.politics.media,alt.politics.radical-left,alt.society.revolution,alt.society.resistance,alt.politics.british,alt.politics.youth,alt.current-events.usa,alt.fan.g-gordon-liddy,alt.fan.newt-gingrich,alt.politics.correct,alt.politics.equality,alt.postmodern,talk.politics.theory,alt.nuke.the.USA,alt.nuke.europe,soc.culture.british,uk.politics.misc,uk.misc,alt.politics.ec,talk.politics.european-unionsoc.culture.europe,soc.culture.german,soc.culture.celtic Subject: Re: The Un-Contented Workers of America Date: Mon, 26 May 1997 01:10:12 -0500 Organization: Do Not Get To Attached To Your Job Wall Street May Make It Emigrate Hey any EU citizen out there like to swap places with a disgruntled American who wants his family to live in a country that at least considers them human? U.K. Ireland, France, Belguim, Germany, Austria or Holland would be preferred over this super-right wing mental hospital called the USA. :Of course not. Workers who strike for basic human rights are considered :just below child molesters in the USA. The is nothing more Americna than :working in a horrible job, being absued by management and not standing :up for yourself. Anything else is anti-American comunism. :No, Americans in this position are just expected to complain constanly, :abuse drugs and beer, have their marriges fall asunder through stress :and then get a machine gun and go in an kill their fellow employees. :That is good for management because they can go out and get cheap :immigrant labour and good for disgruntled employees because their :sufferning is over. Everybody wins. :And that my naive European friend is the reason why you lot have to live :with free education, endless umemployment beneifits, free medical care, :happy communities and lower rate of social porblems. :So there.
26.5.97 A party of tyranny. From: "H. Stowe" cyu@reocities.com Newsgroups: talk.politics.theory,talk.politics.misc,talk.politics.libertarian,alt.politics.economics,alt.politics.democrats.d,alt.society.labor-unions,alt.current-events.usa,misc.taxes,alt.flame.right-wing-conservatives,alt.politics.radical-left,alt.politics.socialism,alt.politics.libertarian,alt.politics.socialism.trotsky,talk.politics,alt.fan.rush-limbaugh,alt.politics.usa.republican,sci.econ,alt.activism,alt.society.liberalism Subject: Re: Have you had enough of tyranny yet? Date: Tue, 27 May 1997 19:40:25 -0700 Organization: Church of Scientology, Intimidation, and Vast Profits, Inc. LQuest wrote: > Err... Excuse me! It takes two to fight Ms Shank. You conveniently omit an > essential fact about the "BIG BAD SHUTDOWN" (I was really shaking in my boots > when that happened -- after all without big brother I might have to go out an > do my OWN looting -- gad how messy) The DEMOPUBLICANS and REPUBLICRATS share > equally in the shutdown. The only thing they did wrong was stopping it short > of the public realizing they really DON'T need all that much government. THAT > dear "person" is why the shutdown ended. THAT dear "person" is why a "recession" ends as well. The truth is, they really DON'T need all that much business either. The only thing that keeps businesses going is marketing. We all think we know so much about politics because the press is always teaching us about politics. Teach us about being journalists or making TV shows? WHAT? And risk their own jobs? Teach us about what's wrong with various products or how to make better ones? WHAT? And lose ad money? Risk lawsuits over patents and trade secrets? Real motivation comes from knowledge and the power to change things. Free speech and democracy gives us both of those. Too bad it only applies only to politics in our current system. -------- Life is a tennis match - an audience of journalists, a capitalist referee, philosopher players, and everyone else is the tennis ball. Great tennis requires no audience, no referee, not even a tennis ball.
From: "H. Stowe" cyu@reocities.com Newsgroups: talk.politics.theory,talk.politics.misc,talk.politics.libertarian,alt.politics.democrats.d,alt.society.labor-unions,alt.current-events.usa,misc.taxes,alt.flame.right-wing-conservatives,alt.politics.radical-left,alt.politics.socialism,alt.politics.libertarian,alt.politics.socialism.trotsky,talk.politics,alt.fan.rush-limbaugh,alt.politics.usa.republican,sci.econ,alt.activism,alt.society.liberalism Subject: Re: Have you had enough of tyranny yet? Date: Mon, 26 May 1997 17:12:05 -0700 Organization: Church of Scientology, Intimidation, and Vast Profits, Inc. Jim Glass wrote: > Those of us who have had our fill of tyranny will not be card-carrying > Democrats, I am afraid. Your party is the party of tyranny. By definition, any organization that attempts to enforce uniform acceptance of its platform is a party of tyranny. -------- Life is a tennis match - an audience of journalists, a capitalist referee, philosopher players, and everyone else is the tennis ball. Great tennis requires no audience, no referee, not even a tennis ball.
23.5.97 Honorable discharge and any other kind of discharge. 26.5.97 Given them everything they need. From: "H. Stowe" cyu@reocities.com Newsgroups: talk.politics.theory,alt.feminism,talk.politics.libertarian,alt.politics.radical-left,alt.fan.tom-robbins,alt.society.labor-unions,alt.fan.rush-limbaugh,alt.politics.socialism,alt.fan.g-gordon-liddy,alt.politics.libertarian,alt.politics.democrats.d,soc.veterans,alt.politics.usa.republican Subject: Re: U.S. Air Force humiliated Date: Wed, 28 May 1997 20:32:39 -0700 Organization: Church of Scientology, Intimidation, and Vast Profits, Inc. > > >Who. Gives. A. Shit? Far better for soldiers to lie and have sex > > >than kill each other. > > Yes... I'd rather a woman were raped than murdered. So, going to > > start supporting all those rapists out there? Hah, as if you have the right to decide whether someone else is raped or murdered. How would you like it if I chose you to be raped? Consensual sex in the military is no different than consensual sex anywhere else. Hell, let them fuck the enemy if it'll end the stupidity sooner. The only people against consensual sex in the military are the ones who can't (or didn't) get any themselves. --------- If communication defines poverty, then poverty is the lack of control over communication.
From: "H. Stowe" cyu@reocities.com Newsgroups: talk.politics.theory,alt.feminism,talk.politics.libertarian,alt.military.cadet,alt.politics.radical-left,alt.fan.tom-robbins,alt.society.labor-unions,alt.fan.rush-limbaugh,alt.politics.socialism,alt.fan.g-gordon-liddy,alt.politics.libertarian,alt.politics.democrats.d,soc.veterans,alt.politics.usa.republican Subject: Re: U.S. Air Force humiliated Date: Mon, 26 May 1997 17:35:11 -0700 Organization: Church of Scientology, Intimidation, and Vast Profits, Inc. kthunt@netcom.com wrote: > Here we have a product of the '70s. Everyone is a product of whatever times she has grown up in or is currently growing up in. Idiots stop growing up as soon as they leave school. Set in their ways like dried cement, thinking whatever they last learned has given them everything they need. The only constant in life is that the more you THINK you've learned, the more stupid you've become. ------- Experience doesn't breed wisdom. Experience breeds brainwashing.
From: "J. Hancock" cyu@reocities.com Newsgroups: talk.politics.theory,alt.feminism,talk.politics.libertarian,alt.military.cadet,alt.politics.radical-left,alt.fan.tom-robbins,alt.society.labor-unions,alt.fan.rush-limbaugh,alt.politics.socialism,alt.fan.g-gordon-liddy,alt.politics.libertarian,soc.veterans Subject: Re: U.S. Air Force humiliated Date: Fri, 23 May 1997 15:44:52 -0700 Organization: Church of Scientology, Intimidation, and Vast Profits, Inc. Mary E Knadler wrote: > >Kelly Flinn will NOT undergo court martial for violating direct > >orders, for lying, and lastly for committing adultery which the Air > >Force quaintly considers against the rules. She will recieve an > >immediate "general discharge" and that will be that. > Also, I remember hearing on the news last year a Navy ship returning > to port with 25% to 35% of the female personel being pregnant. What > are we running here---a floating "whore house" It's disgraceful that > our armed forces should be weakened by these femenists ideas that are > not workable. yasmin2 Who. Gives. A. Shit? Far better for soldiers to lie and have sex than kill each other. Only people in the military actually care about the difference between an "honorable discharge" and any other kind of discharge. In the end, it's only one word on their resumes, one letter on their report cards. No employer on the outside really gives a flying fuck, unless he's already got something firmly shoved up his ass. ------- Pride is the irrelevant man's excuse for still feeling relevant.
From: "J. Hancock" cyu@reocities.com Newsgroups: talk.politics.theory,alt.politics.usa.misc,talk.politics.libertarian,alt.conspiracy,alt.society.labor-unions,alt.current-events.usa,alt.politics.radical-left,alt.politics.reform,alt.politics.socialism,alt.fan.rush-limbaugh,alt.politics.economics,talk.politics.misc,alt.politics.libertarian,talk.politics.guns,alt.politics.usa.constitution,alt.politics.usa.congress Subject: Re: Elitism, Not Racism is America's #1 Problem Date: Fri, 23 May 1997 15:18:52 -0700 Organization: Church of Scientology, Intimidation, and Vast Profits, Inc. Mark C. Craig wrote: > The main problem we have in America is elitism. The media likes > to disquise this fact by making you think it is racism, or > sexism; so that the robber-barons can subject us to economic > injustice with impunity. The real main problem is mass gullibility...resulting from years of self-hypnosis. Warfare is basically caused by mass communication. Whoever controls communication controls war. The more one-directional it is, the more easy it is to start a war. This is why military forces are structured as a downward hierarchy. Unquestioning obedience propagated from one commander at the top to the thousands of pawns below. If military decisions were made democratically, there would be no such thing as war... unless, of course, a uni- directional media is able to bring about mass brainwashed chaos. -------- Those who don't believe in the power of the press have obviously never taken a trip down to Grover's Mill with Orson Welles. Rosebud.
23.5.97 Doubling or halving the amount of currency or precious metals. From: "H. Stowe" cyu@reocities.com Newsgroups: talk.politics.theory,us.taxes,talk.politics.libertarian,misc.taxes,alt.society.labor-unions,talk.politics,alt.politics.radical-left,alt.politics,alt.politics.socialism,alt.politics.economics,sci.econ,alt.politics.usa,alt.fan.rush-limbaugh,alt.politics.libertarian,alt.politics.democrats.d,or.politics,alt.politics.usa.republican Subject: Re: A RATIONAL TAX SYSTEM Date: Mon, 26 May 1997 17:25:46 -0700 Organization: Church of Scientology, Intimidation, and Vast Profits, Inc. Michael L. Coburn wrote: > It is difficult to understand what point is being addressed by the > preceding blow-off/vent/tirade/. I'm think I'm being informed that, no > matter what I think, the politicians are in a better position to decide > matters than I am, and that it is right and just for them to have a free > hand in making such decisions. Well, scuse me cool-breeze, but I do not > agree to let politicians decide matters and the get re-elected based on > number of babies kissed at the fair. In the present situation poiticians > are not "accountable to voters for lousy decisions". The decisions are > hidden behind nubers that are 'cooked', and legislation which is as > obscure as possible. Good. The press has trained you well. It is the job of the press to "expose" what politicians are up to, to prevent you from becoming a drooling idiot when listening to a political speech. BUT. But who "exposes" the press? Who prevents you from drooling when listening to anyone else? If a person has his life and liberty, how would he know he is rich or poor? If communication defines poverty, then poverty is the lack of control over communication. ------- Life is a tennis match - an audience of journalists, a capitalist referee, philosopher players, and everyone else is the tennis ball. Great tennis requires no audience, no referee, not even a tennis ball.
From: "J. Hancock" cyu@reocities.com Newsgroups: talk.politics.theory,us.taxes,talk.politics.libertarian,misc.taxes,alt.society.labor-unions,talk.politics,alt.politics.radical-left,alt.politics,alt.politics.socialism,alt.politics.economics,sci.econ,alt.politics.usa,alt.politics.libertarian,or.politics Subject: Re: A RATIONAL TAX SYSTEM Date: Fri, 23 May 1997 14:00:52 -0700 Organization: Church of Scientology, Intimidation, and Vast Profits, Inc. Michael L. Coburn wrote: > It is in my mind that by separating the left and right activities > of government into two self supporting (or at least self accountable) > organizations, that the waste and inefficiencies would be much more > evident, and that the costs and benefits would be much more easily seen. > It is the visibility imparted by the proposed dual taxation system that > would inevitably bring down the cost of government by increasing the > efficiency of governmemnt. Our politicians will rob Peter to pay Paul and > fleece us all in the process so long as we let them divide us into left > and right and set one against the other. It is behind this smoke screen > that the chicanery continues. You want to talk numbers? We'll talk numbers. Imagine if taxes were eliminated all around the world. What do you get? Inflation. Lots of unemployed and pissed off postal workers. No welfare AND unemployment. Quite a combination eh? Now imagine if every government around the world taxed away an additional 50% of everyone's income. What do you get? Deflation. You're a fool if you think doubling or halving the amount of currency or precious metals in circulation will solve any problems. What REALLY matters is HOW decisions are made. At least politicians are accountable to voters for lousy decisions. Who controls business? Who controls the media? Who invests millions in coffee? Is that for profit only, or is that so Latin America nations wouldn't have to waste so much effort growing cocaine? At least we replace a heavy recreational drug with a light recreational drug. Ah the allure of capitalist cash crops. -------- "The society which scorns excellence in plumbing as a humble activity and tolerates shoddiness in philosophy because it is an exalted activity will have neither good plumbing nor good philosophy ... Neither its pipes nor its theories will hold water."
From: "J. Hancock" cyu@reocities.com Newsgroups: talk.politics.theory,alt.activism,talk.politics.libertarian,alt.anarchism,alt.politics.radical-left,alt.atheism,alt.politics.economics,alt.blasphemy,alt.politics.libertarian,alt.censorship,alt.society.labor-unions,alt.christnet,sci.econ,alt.current-events.clinton.whitewater,alt.politics.socialism,alt.discrimination,alt.fan.rush-limbaugh,alt.feminism,alt.homosexual,alt.individualism,alt.mens-rights,alt.misc,alt.neo-tech Subject: Re: IS THE U.S.A. CHRISTIAN? Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 14:45:31 -0700 Organization: Church of Scientology, Intimidation, and Vast Profits, Inc. Musicman (Brent Skilton) wrote: > tried to claim Christ to their style of politics. Christ had no > political leanings. He in no way would be socialist, because socialists > always teach that God doesn't exist. > Jesus never said he wanted to see the rich rule and take advantage of > the poor, which is what happens in socialist countries and some > monarchies such as France 200 years ago and England 100 years ago. > America is not like either type, we are capitalist and democratic. Amazing how in "socialist" countries, the powerful get rich, and in "democratic" countries, the rich get powerful. Face it, monarchy has never ended in this country. We've just changed the name. Autocracy, bureaucracy. It starts and ends with communication. Every nation-state, every company, every organization. Communication always comes top-down far more than bottom-up. Some organizations don't try nearly as hard to hide their autocracy. At least they are honest. ---- If there's self-censorship in the press, we'll never know there's self-censorship in the press.
From: "J. Hancock" cyu@reocities.com Newsgroups: talk.politics.theory,alt.fan.rush-limbaugh,talk.politics.libertarian,alt.flame.rush-limbaugh,alt.politics.radical-left,alt.politics.clinton,alt.politics.economics,alt.politics.democrats.d,alt.society.labor-unions,alt.politics.usa.republican,alt.politics.socialism,alt.rush-limbaugh,alt.politics.libertarian Subject: Re: Are dittoheads more like sheep or lemmings? Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 17:09:02 -0700 Organization: Church of Scientology, Intimidation, and Vast Profits, Inc. Mark McGilvray wrote: > Are there more lefty liberals on welfare than Dittoheads? Dittoheads > support you whining parasites - don't bite the hand that feeds you > parasites! First you have to ask, is welfare a tool in order to train people into becoming valuable members of business? Or is business the tool in order to support welfare? Is the goal of a civilization 100% employment doing useless work, or is it 100% UNemployment, if possible? Are employees parasiting off their employer or is the employer parasiting off his employees? Who makes the decisions regarding hiring and salary / wage offers? Peasants or kings? Cowards will follow whatever the prevailing trend is. Never stopping to think for themselves. They determine their self- worth by what others think of them. Too afraid to bring the herd to themselves, they bring themselves to the herd. They spend their lives salivating after other people's assholes. ------- Thou shalt not make any graven image, or bow down before any creation in heaven or on earth.
22.5.97 The freedom to choose our slavery. From: "J. Hancock" cyu@reocities.com Newsgroups: talk.politics.theory,alt.politics,alt.politics.radical-left,alt.politics.libertarian,alt.society.labor-unions,alt.politics.reform,can.politics,talk.politics.libertarian,alt.politics.socialism,alt.fan.rush-limbaugh Subject: Re: The Legacy of WWII (Re: Guru Goering still doesn't get it) Date: Fri, 23 May 1997 13:34:40 -0700 Organization: Church of Scientology, Intimidation, and Vast Profits, Inc. Guru George wrote: > It is not libertarians who propose abolishing the rule of law. Every > state that has called itself socialist has done so, replacing rule of > law by rule by leader or political party; every state that has called > itself fascist has done so, replacing rule of law by rule by leader or > oligarchy. What is this precious Rule of Law you speak of? What if the laws say to kill all non-taxpayers? Would you support the Rule of Law then? Get a brain. Whoever is in power MAKES laws. You can either do what your TV tells you to do like a slave, or you can challenge it. > To libertarians this is what is of salient importance, and makes the > differences between fascism and socialism trivial, producing as it > does nearly identical real world results in both cases: mass death, > mass boredom, the destruction of property and capital, the destruction > of artistic sensibility; in short, the crushing of the human spirit. Human spirit defined by a TV? Excited by veggematics and a baby's arm holding an apple? The American Revolution and the Holocaust produced two very similar kinds of people - both incredibly mistrustful of government, hateful of taxes, and feeling safe only behind a heavy arsenal. You want military equality? You have a RIGHT to military equality. EVERYONE deserves a nuclear warhead because everyone will eventually have one anyway. Yes, someday, that WILL happen. And if we don't achieve social equality before then, people would actually HAVE the motivation to go nuke your local liquor store, and they're not going to give a rat's ass about your exalted Rule of Law. --------- History of the Universe: God trains Dog. Dog rebels. Dog trains God. God rebels. God trains Dog. Dog rebels. Will the cycle never end?
From: "J. Hancock" cyu@reocities.com Newsgroups: talk.politics.theory,alt.politics,alt.politics.radical-left,alt.politics.libertarian,alt.society.labor-unions,alt.politics.reform,alt.politics.economics,can.politics,sci.econ,talk.politics.libertarian,alt.fan.rush-limbaugh,alt.politics.socialism Subject: Re: The Legacy of WWII (Re: Trotsky Del still doesn't get it) Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 14:14:01 -0700 Organization: Church of Scientology, Intimidation, and Vast Profits, Inc. > Big Oh wrote: > > But Hitler never did away with national health care and he loved Keynesian > > economics - right? The second half of the 20th century has been defined by that last great war of the worlds. Out of the ashes of 1945 came 4 great loser nations: Germany, Japan, Italy, and Isreal...or so our history books tell us these were the great losers of the war. All trying to win favor with the last great bully of the world. Quality cars. Entertainment. Cheap electronics. Satisfying the desires of a nation hooked on drugs, gambling, and prostitution, but won't admit it. Japan was probably the most baffled of the four. It thought it was doing us a favor by selling us cheap electronics and inexpensive cars. But no. Under the backwardness of our economic system, we asked, no, DEMANDED, that instead of giving us products, they give us JOBS. And so they relented. We the gluttons for self-punishment. We who demand the freedom to choose our slavery. We who confuse the sound of a bell for the delivery of food, the possession of green paper for happiness. -------- So much time and so little to do. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it.
From: "J. Hancock" cyu@reocities.com Newsgroups: talk.politics.theory,talk.politics.misc,talk.politics.libertarian,alt.politics.democrats.d,alt.society.labor-unions,alt.current-events.usa,misc.taxes,alt.flame.right-wing-conservatives,alt.politics.radical-left,alt.politics.socialism,alt.politics.libertarian,alt.politics.socialism.trotsky,talk.politics,alt.fan.rush-limbaugh,alt.politics.usa.republican,sci.econ,alt.activism,alt.society.liberalism Subject: Re: CEO wages up 24%. Worker wages go south. Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 16:03:32 -0700 Organization: Church of Scientology, Intimidation, and Vast Profits, Inc. Mark D. Vincent wrote: > I would not enjoy being dirt-poor. That is why I work. I have no > problem wuth the fact that the heads of my corporation make big $$$. > Ya know why? Because they pay me fair market value for what I do. > I am happy to work, get paid, and help the company at the same time. Yet another satisfied peon promoted until he can no longer do his job well, and thus he stagnates there, dreading the day when his subordinates tell his boss just how lame of a job he's doing. > > Do you give back 90% of your salary to your boss, Mr. Vincent??? > Nope. But I am forced to hand over about 40% to governments state and > federal. You're a dog buscuit if you think that state and fed tax weren't already factored into the salary offer you got from your employer. If your state tax is 20% and your state tax was eliminated, one of two things will happen. Either every employer in state cuts salaries by 20% or all the prices in state go up by 20%. Capitalist evolution in action. ------------- The fear of rain was created by umbrella makers.
From: "J. Hancock" cyu@reocities.com Newsgroups: talk.politics.theory,alt.politics.clinton,talk.politics.libertarian,alt.politics.democrats.d,alt.society.labor-unions,alt.politics.usa.republican,alt.politics.radical-left,alt.rush-limbaugh,alt.politics.socialism,alt.fan.rush-limbaugh,alt.politics.economics,talk.politics.misc,alt.politics.libertarian,alt.journalism,sci.econ Subject: Re: Secondhand smoke risk ... what's missing from this report? Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 15:19:13 -0700 Organization: Church of Scientology, Intimidation, and Vast Profits, Inc. David Salvador Flores wrote: > >How do you know how many of those heart attacks were due to obe- > >sity? How many to hypertension? How many to congenital heart > >disease? You can't answer those crucial questions because the > >article is heavy on emotional headlines and light on information. > Jesus H. Christ Zarlenga, have you even the slightest clue > of how medical research works? Have you even the slightest > inkling of a notion how scientific experimentation is carried > out? > In an ideal scientific experiment you keep all but one variable > of a system constant and examine the effects wrought upon that > system as a result of changes in the variable you're allowing to > fluctuate. On the other hand, here is a clue about how medical research works under capitalism: tobacco companies need jobs, journalists need jobs, cancer researchers need jobs. If people actually did stop smoking, people from all three groups would suddenly find themselves jobless. THAT is why Philip Morris is so valuable to the continued existance of the American Lung Association. We're all in search of that ultimate cure for cancer: a drug that if taken daily, will guarantee immunity from cancer, but if the patient ever actually STOPS taking the drug, he will die from cancer within a week. THAT is how our miracle cure will keep selling itself. Everybody happily employed in fulfilling jobs.
22.5.97 Enslave some good old Americans for a change. 26.5.97 Initials on the high score board. From: "S. Arsheesh" cyu@reocities.com Newsgroups: talk.politics.theory,sci.econ,rec.org.mensa,talk.politics.libertarian,alt.fan.rush-limbaugh,alt.politics.economics,alt.politics.clinton,alt.society.labor-unions,alt.society.liberalism,alt.politics.socialism,alt.feminism,alt.politics.radical-left,alt.politics.democrats.d,alt.politics.usa.republican Subject: Re: KEEP THE SWEAT SHOPS! Date: Mon, 09 Jun 1997 20:24:32 -0700 Organization: Church of Scientology, Intimidation, and Vast Profits, Inc. Tom Potter wrote: > 1. Monopolies are bad. > 2. Government monopolies are worse than private sector monopolies. Why is it that monopolies are bad again? And why do idiots seem to think there's a difference between public and private control? The key, of course, is CONTROL. Remember being taught in grade school that Big Evil Robber Barons (TM) robbed people blind, high prices, low wages, bad conditions, lying, cheating, screwing competition, the works. But when you come right down to it, global tyranny ain't a hell of a lot different from local tyranny. Stop pretending you've never heard of democracy. --------- If communication defines poverty, then poverty is the lack of control over communication.
From: "H. Stowe" cyu@reocities.com Newsgroups: talk.politics.theory,rec.org.mensa,talk.politics.libertarian,sci.econ,alt.fan.rush-limbaugh,misc.invest.stocks,alt.politics.economics,alt.politics.clinton,alt.society.labor-unions,alt.society.liberalism,alt.politics.socialism,alt.feminism,alt.politics.radical-left,talk.politics.misc Subject: Re: KEEP THE SWEAT SHOPS! Date: Mon, 26 May 1997 17:05:23 -0700 Organization: Church of Scientology, Intimidation, and Vast Profits, Inc. Tom Potter wrote: > > I'd like to hear about corporations administering schools. > > I suspect they do a poor job of it in general, but I'm > > willing to see evidence to the contrary. Let's have some > > phenomena, folks! > A good society would prohibit the government from > having a monopoly, or a large position, in ANY > form of mind control, such as religion, education, > media, censorship, free books, etc. > Private monopolies are bad! > Government monopolies are worse! > Government monopolies that involve mind control are the worst!!! Pure stupidity. Public or private has nothing to do with it. Whether Quebec, Texas, Northern Ireland, or Palestine are independent has nothing to do with it. It's a question of WHO has power over another person. Teachers over students? Students over teachers? In a truly just society, the answer is neither... when brainwashing is NOT one- directional. Consider the goal of the Wall Street Journal: to plug the Dow over the S&P 500. Because it has become the investor's Bible, it worked. Not that the Dow Jones industrial average is necessarily evil. It might even be trying to plug the stocks of a few valuable industries (however WSJ big shots define "valuable")... or using a few "sexy" stocks to prop up more useful companies. Real power over the market lies in buying first, brainwashing other people to your side, and then cashing in. THAT is why the popularity and control over the WSJ is so important to Dow Jones Inc. Investment strategists would LOVE to get the Fed out of the picture and have market domination to themselves, so they can put their own initials on the high score board. ------- Life is a tennis match - an audience of journalists, a capitalist referee, philosopher players, and everyone else is the tennis ball. Great tennis requires no audience, no referee, not even a tennis ball.
From: "J. Hancock" cyu@reocities.com Newsgroups: talk.politics.theory,rec.org.mensa,talk.politics.libertarian,alt.fan.rush-limbaugh,alt.politics.economics,alt.politics.clinton,alt.society.labor-unions,alt.society.liberalism,alt.politics.socialism,alt.feminism,alt.politics.radical-left,talk.politics.misc,alt.politics.libertarian Subject: Re: KEEP THE SWEAT SHOPS! Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 14:58:27 -0700 Organization: Church of Scientology, Intimidation, and Vast Profits, Inc. Johann von Tibbes wrote: > > Yeah, we know. Cheaper goods made by children will satisfy your > > greed. There is a special circle in hell reserved for you. And you know > > what? Maybe when you get there you will be a 8 year old who has been > > beaten by their employer because you had to go to the bathroom at > > some point during your 14 hour shift making useless things for North > > Americans. > Aw, go crawl into your self-hate, guilt ridden, busybody complexes and > learn to mind your own business. Or better yet, why don't you travel to > the Pacific Rim countries and tell them how to mind their business. I'm > sure they will welcome your input. Idiots on both sides imposing their values on other cultures. Why do we have public schools in this country? We believe in brainwashing our kids to accept our laws, and maybe teach them something valuable to boot. Why do we have anti-child labor laws? To ensure kids will be learning instead of working. But ending child-labor without education, and what does the world get? Nothing. Which is good, because we Americans only want Americans to be smart anyway. And if we can't enslave foreigners to do the dirty work for us, our businesses will just have to enslave some good old Americans for a change. The problem isn't one of public or private ownership, but one of democracy and bill of rights in the workplace. That, of course, will never happen because we don't live in a democracy. Never have, never will. -------- There's only one zoo where we can see unreasonable humans: the media.
From: "J. Hancock" cyu@reocities.com Newsgroups: talk.politics.theory,talk.politics.misc,talk.politics.libertarian,alt.politics.democrats.d,alt.politics.economics,alt.current-events.usa,alt.society.labor-unions,talk.politics,alt.politics.socialism,alt.fan.rush-limbaugh,alt.politics.radical-left,alt.politics.usa.republican,alt.politics.libertarian,alt.activism,sci.econ,alt.society.liberalism Subject: Re: CEO wages....who cares? Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 15:38:28 -0700 Organization: Church of Scientology, Intimidation, and Vast Profits, Inc. John Parker wrote: > being successful includes picking the correct career that matches your > talents and abilities. Your contention that a person "cannot compete" > assumes that you have no talents and abilities. Indeed, many people > lack the brains to become a doctor or a lawyer You're the one that lacks brains if you actually think it takes much brains to be a doctor or lawyer. The only reason more people AREN'T doctors or lawyers is because those already "in the business" hate having to compete. Competition drives prices down. Can't have that. So we refuse to teach them any REALLY useful. Just let them do lame busy-work until we feel like retiring and finally reveal there's nothing to it. You and I both know your job is useless. That a high school grad could do it with 2 week's training. You're the only one who won't admit it, because you refuse to give up the status associated with your position. -------- "Beware of the man who works hard to learn something, learns it, and finds himself no wiser than before," Bokonon tells us. "He is full of murderous resentment of people who are ignorant without having come by their ignorance the hard way." -- Kurt Vonnegut

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