The Sixty/Forty Philosophy
You might first say, "Dude, why do you call this the 'sixty/forty' project?"  Good question.  It's a kind of simple philosophy I've come to embrace.  Think about it... 60/40... an unbalanced whole... just like every person, every day... everything.  Nothing is perfect and when I stress, hoping it will be, I lose sight of what matters and everything is a little worse.  If I just accept that things aren't gonna be perfect, everything seems to work out better and I'm happier in general.  Thus, this being a personal page, is my Sixty/Forty project.

I also encourage you to try it.  Next time you're frustrated because something isn't fair, or didn't work out the way you planned, remember the imperfect nature of things and it'll seem at least a bit better.  People aren't perfect either... cut 'em a bit more slack and everyone seems to be happier.

This also leads to an understanding that nothing lasts.  Understand this and you enjoy what you have now, that much more.  Some of my friends say, "Damn, that's a sad way of looking at things".  But it's not like that.  By knowing and realizing that ALL things come to an end, you can enjoy and embrace it more wholely during it's time.  Don't use this to dwell on the future or past... that would be going in the wrong direction.

The last big part of this is also my favorite saying, "Wherever You Go, There You Are."  Simple, yes... and profound.  Think about it.  Wherever you go, there you are... right now.  I often find myself struggling with the present because I'd rather be somewhere else.  But the fact remains that I AM where I am and if I accept that, I can enjoy the "right now" that much more.  Otherwise, I'll be chasing yesterday or tomorrow, never get either and find out life has passed me by.  I'd rather just be where I am and get the most out of it.

Just remember, it's not perfect... ever... so don't worry about it.