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Vertigo is the main "gothic/industrial" place in Cincinnati. Monday is the night most people go because that's the night that gothic/industrial music is played, but people have been known to show up on Tuesdays which is the 80s/older alternative & dance night. Currently there is a rumor that the club may start a night on Sundays that will appeal to us, too. The Warehouse is the other goth-friendly club in Cincinnati, but they never get the music quite right (opposed to Vertigo where the music is right, but the same stuff gets played over and over).

What's linked right now, is a gallery of pictures I took at Vertigo (and UDF). Since it's become necessary to say, I'll add this disclaimer: These pages only represent what was going on near me; you might have a very different experience when you go to Vertigo.

With that said, I invite you to click on the links below, to see whose souls have been captured by my camera or to browse the webring to see from the point of view of other "Verti-goths."

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