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Gothic in Cincinnati?


"God is in the details" -- Gustave Flaubert, Mies van der Rohe & Aby Warburg**

"Goth is in the assessories" -- Madylyn

Clothing Assessories Shoes & Boots Other Notions & Housewares Books Music Coffee


locating the perfect outfit

off the rack



"Short Vine" in Clifton. Trendy, overpriced and not a good size selection. My friends call it Spend-a-mint's or Trend-a-minute's. Cute over-priced shoes. Docs & t-shirts.

[Ed. note: My latest adventures at Scentiments have been quite unpleasant. The manager had the nerve to tell me that larger-size goth clothes don't exist. I told her I would spend money there if they stocked my size and encourage others to do the same, but subsequent trips to Scentiments found only a store full of size "S." Even HT carries "XL."]

Bedlam (was Avalon)

located on Clifton Ave across from Hughes HS & UC. Trendy alterna-/club kid wear. Much less goth-ick than when it was Avalon, but still has boots.


McMillian. Alterna-wear (better selection for men than women although it does carry "L" and "XL"). Books, toys, and penguin mints. A must visit if you have any interest in martial arts movies -- Chip knows all.

Hot Topic

We now have our very own Hot Topic in Tri-County Mall. The chain has an online catalogue.

(was Sunshine Shack was Blue Piano)

4011 Allston St in Oakley.

G.I.J. Surplus R.I.P. 1999

??? the last time I went by there, the store was gone
Race St & West 12th. A must for anyone wanting military attire.




Several stores on Vine St sell low committment hair color, or as they like to call it, temporary. Manic Panic can be found for about $10 at places like Scentiments and the Cupboard. Just as for the makeup, I advise getting supplies for your hair at the drugstore. As for hair as a supply, I recommend any of the neighborhood beaty stores, like the one on Taft in Walnut Hills or downtown on Race St.


I've found the best place to buy make up is your local Walgreen's or Drug Emporium. It you want to get a little fancier, try the theatre supply shop on Colerain. But remember, the object of the game is to look like death, not Bozo [skip the clown white, please.....].


Kenwood Mall, lower level near Lazarus.

places you may not have considered

Those specialty stores will often suck up all your eyeliner money and still leave you without a complete outfit. Instead of shopping at stores that will sell you the perfect outfit, consider shopping several mainstream-y stores and buy your outfits a la mode.

Value City

Fashion Cents



yard sales, tag sales, garage sales, estate sales, flea markets


doing a gothic Martha Stewart

I'm cheap and won't let not finding my size in a store stand in my way. If you've got a little patience and some time before you need that outfit, make it! Or at least alter one your well-meaning family or friends gave you into something much more suitable.


Downtown on Elm St. Has all kinds of flowers, ribbons, glitters, paints and my fave, Friendly Plastic. Don't forget to check out "the Annex" for inexpensive accessories and decorations. Say "Hi!" to Kajy.

Jo-Ann's Fabric

Good place to shop for fabric [no, really?] and other crafty things that can be easily turned into jewelry.


If you want to mold or cut you food into bat shapes, this is the place to shop. Michael's carries all that Wilton stuff (including black food coloring paste) to help you make your dinner interesting to look at.

Hancock Fabric

Another good sewing shop. Large variety of lace styles and colors.


If you have to have designer fabric, this is the place. Fortunately they do have sales.

Gothic Living

The Keltic Knot

3647 W 8th Street 471-5200
Pagan and Wicca assessories and workshops and Reverend Banshee's Psychic Services
winner of the 1999 "City Beat" award for "Best source of Metaphysical stuff"

conversation pieces



Half-Price Books

Tri-County & Kenwood, both are across from TGIFridays. Buy books, music, movies and more at 1/2 off the cover, or you can sell your own to them. I always find good stuff here.


Princeton Plaza. They still don't take those Walden's/Brentano's preferred reader cards, but they do have an excellent selection of books. Stuff I've had to order at other stores is often on the shelf at Border's.

Barnes & Noble

The bookstore of bookstores. There are several around the city, but none compares to the one in Kenwood (and it's got a Starbuck's in the middle of it). I've found zines like Carpe Noctem, Delirium, Grimoire at the one in Hyde Park Plaza.


And then there was one. The J-B on Montgomery is gone now, but you can still go to the one in Norwood (or Lexington -- one of Anne Rice's faves for touring).

Fountain News

Downtown (CBD) across from the southeastern corner of the Square. They have newspapers and magazines and journals from everywhere. Several you probably can't find anywhere else in Cincinnati. Lots of music magazines. Sometimes even Propaganda. In early spring I found Renaissance Magazine's Wedding issue.



Media Play

Yes, they are cheaper and the selection is better. There are several around the city.

Record Exchange

Williams & Montgomery Rd in Norwood behind Surrey Square.

Wizard's R.I.P. 1999

2612 Vine St 961-6196 (had an in-store concert -- black tape for a blue girl)


2622 Vine St 861-6291 MOVING TO CALHOUN ST


Calhoun St. Rent on Calhoun is cheaper than on Vine St, and so is the music.

Everybody's Records

606 Montgomery Rd 531-4500


For the Coffee is life


Angst RIP

Highland Ave in Mt Auburn. Open 7pm til 7am.


Calhoun St.
coffee smoothies, cybercafe & Monday evening gathering spot of local goths


University Ave between Vine and Jefferson. Love those coffee milkshakes. CD store upstairs.


Main Street in Over-the-Rhine. Coffee. Books. Coffee. Music. Coffee. Poetry Readings. Coffee.

Baba Budan's

Calhoun St next to Arby's. Very small. Mmmm. . . with chocolate whipped cream
there's a Baba Budan's stand at the Playhouse in the Park...order your intermission pick-me-up before the show starts and it will be waiting for you


One of the Saturday night gathering places of the Cinci goths (CinciGothlist). Tarot readings by the Queen of Wands.


Vine St.


St Gregory in Mt. Adams. Coffee & Spirits.


There's nothing like those Frappucchinos! There are dozens in the city. Several downtown and at least 2 in Hyde Park-Norwood. NOW there's one on McMillan!!!


** The latest edition of Bartlett's Familiar Quotations recognizes "God is in the details" as a favorite aphorism of Mies van der Rohe and the art historian Aby Warburg. The origin, however, is unknown although it has been attributed to Flaubert (Le bon Dieu est dans le detail) but without verification.
also see the Devil is in the details?

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