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Tales of Coven Parties Past I admit it: I'm an Anne Rice fan. Read all about my adventures at the fan club parties since 1992.
Gothic in Cincinnati What do you do if you're a goth living in or visiting Cincinnati?
More Than a Little Goth Inspired by Mode and "Curve Ball" in Carpe Noctem.
A Darker Shade of Pale Sub-culture of the sub-culture.
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What is 'Batinage'?

Thumbing through the dictionary, I came upon "badinage" which means "playful banter." For some reason, it just seemed better with a "t." The "Salon" part results from me taking too many years of French literature. Salons were places where people went to chat about the meaning of fine and literary art and to philosophize..... Coffehouses today wish they could be salons.

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It's time again for a major overhaul. I've been adding some things I think are cute and clever, but it's time. While awaiting the awesomeness to come, check out the stuff below:

a GOC section
some exercises to help your lifestyle be gothi-er
a playlist of songs I'd like to hear covered
a page about working while wearing all black
a list of some books I love (of think I will)
pics of people at Vertigo Pix and info about a local club


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