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is by a cartoon band called The Porcupines and no doubt it is a lot

of fun to listen to…very cool stuff.

--Rock And Roll Report


   This is perfect for fans of British Invasion first wave, Spongetones, Byrds, Bill Retoff, Squires Of The Subterrain, Archies, early Beatles, Syndicate Of  Sound, Searchers and Vandalias….

   Check out the superb ‘60s cartoon action on the CD booklet. Great stuff! Bravo! What a great, fun, fab CD! One of this year’s best!!

--Jeremy Morris, JAM RECORDINGS (


   “Ladies and gentlemen: May I proudly present what just may be the greatest Living-color collection of cartoon rockers since those fallen Archies….Yes indeed, The Porcupines pop and roll alongside all requisite masters past: for example, “Students Of Chess

(great title by the way) perfectly pits Searchers vs. Beau Brummels, “Somebody Else’s Thing” is most obviously the Byrds thing, and “Yes I’ll Cry” honestly is, no more and no less, the great lost Herman’s Hermits hit…I kid you not!

   Then, whilst showering us with expertly harmonied oooh/aaah-drenched Meet The Beat-ballads, “I Am Told” quirks in and out of its tricky-Sixties B-sections as deftly as Sloan or even Barri ever did, while “Wilson Porter’s Grown-Up Daughter” must honestly be the G-rated progeny of “Stacy’s Mom“.

   This here’s one near half-hour, perfectly fit for your very own sonic small-screen, come next Saturday morning. But then, be sure to stay well-tuned for the Secret Hidden Happy Chrimble message as well, alright kids?

   Yes, in their very own parting words then, Watch out for The Porcupines!

--Gary Pig Gold



   EeenieMeenieMeineMojo! has

got to be one of the happiest, most lively records to come sailing down the street in some recent memory, with its constant stream of beaming harmonies and bright shiny melodies. Each and every song on this super fun disc screams hit single quality. Sticky sweet in all the right places, “I Am Told”, “Somebody Else’s Thing”, “Loose Change” and “That Girl Is Gone Away” are so obscenely catchy that they’re impossible to shake.

   The Porcupines definitely have what it takes to write and perform tunes that move the feet and warm the heart.

   EeenieMeenieMeineeMojo! is perhaps the greatest album The Monkees never released. And that’s a fact.

--Beverly Paterson, Twist And Shake


   I just gotta brag on The Porcupines and Maize Records

…the recordings are full of beautiful harmonies and jangly guitar sounds and they’re great!

--e/Fan Mail


   Cheery, jangly, Easy-as-a-Saturday-morning Sounds abound from these animated bandmates on EeenieMeenieMeinee

Mojo!. If there were more cartoons like this on TV, the world would be a much nicer place in which to live.

--David Bash, Pop Music Journalist;

Founder/CEO International Pop Overthrow

   The Art you created humbles me. Many, many congratulations on EeenieMeenie MeineeMojo!. “To You” made the hair stand up on my arms. I was crying and laughing for joy at the same time.

--e/Fan Mail


   The artwork is fab and too “pop” cool…the songwriting is much stronger, and the production and performance of the same good quality throughout.

--Chris Coyle,

   …this cartoon quartet comes complete with a pet porcupine and Hanna-Barbera-issue dune buggy and--oh, 12 sugary tunes that hark back to a more Bazooka Joe-friendly era… two- minute blasts of folk-, beat-, and harmony-pop…a cross between Beach Boys and Herman’s Hermits!

--Stanton Swihart, All Music Guide


The Porcupines CD, reminds the listener of the joys of 1960s Pop when music, vocals and melody were of equal importance…a delight for anyone who ever hummed a toon by the Archies, the Monkees, or any number of pure pop confections of the time…not so much Bubblegum as music with more inflections….

--Scott Essman, Visionary Cinema


   Tell everybody: great CD! “Wilson Porter’s Grown-Up Daughter” is my favorite track

   …I get it going thru my head at work over and over…as my buddy and I walked into the cafeteria for our 5;45 AM break, cartoons were on TV. My buddy said, “Hey, it’s The Porcupines!”

--e/Fan Mail


    I’ve been listening to the new Porcupines disc all week. I dig the whole TV pre-fab approach a’la The Monkees….Lots of fun, catchy, memorable songs…particularly “To You” and “Loose Change”. Mostly I gotta tell you that “To You” has been permanently ingrained on my brain. It’s such a wonderful song, with a classic feel that would lend itself perfectly to the Everly Brothers! In fact, the last several mornings, I’ve woken up singing the tune.

--Rich Arithmetic, Optional Art Records


   This type of music does not get made much anymore….Imagine The Archies doing The Monkees and The Hollies….Meet The Porcupines, British Invasion being ransacked

by Bubblegum! …a cartoon pop-band look back to a brighter, younger day. One word: JOY. Extremely Highly Recommended.

--Bruce Brodeen, Not Lame Recordings

song samples at

   EeenieMeenieMeineeMojo! by The Porcupines has given indie pop another gem.…Jangleholics will really dig “I Am Told”, “Somebody Else’s Thing”, “That Girl Is Gone Away” and “Forever Always Everywhere”.

   And the theme song should keep

pseudo-60s fans everywhere hummin’ along and tappin’ their feet!…I’m almost certain that I used to watch Porcupines cartoons, after Yogi Bear and before “Where The Action Is!” When this band transcends its cartoon dimension, you will find them in the same record stack as the Beatles, Byrds, Raiders and Hollies.

--Eric Sorensen,



   Maize Records, in cooperation

with Rocket Racket Records, is pleased to announce…


--the debut disc from America’s newest cartoon pop group, THE PORCUPINES!!


   Billy, Chris, Jamie & Dan

conjure up 12 slices of jangle and backbeat -- a Saturday morning

soundtrack packed with Cavern

Club energy! These brand new

stereo recordings provide the perfect backdrop for our 4 zany heroes as they foil Mad Scientists, retrieve stolen microfilm…and play the occasional paying gig at Knott's Berry Farm or King's Island to keep the landlord off their back.

   The boys have been visually brought to life by the brilliant artwork of Ms. Jaime Hitchcock, along with graphics kingpin David Landis, whose credits include All Day Entertainment and Not Lame Recordings. The tunes, produced by bubblegum impresario, Otto Reverse, revert to a time when EVERY song was a potential hit single. Drop the needle…er, turn up the CD player, and judge for Yourself !