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Hello! Welcome to my music therapy home page! I am glad you stopped by to see my page!

I am a music therapist and also have a MA in Ministry with the Aging from Luther Seminary in St, Paul, MN. Thank you for visiting my page! I hope you find it fun and informative! Please let me know any comments or suggestions you may have.

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  • Therapeutic Recreation Job Bulletin - - A good resource.

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    Are you looking for lyrics? Check these out!

    But first... (Lyrics with Chords!)
    Are you looking for hymn lyrics with chords? Try this!

    Are you looking for guitar tablature? Check this out!!!
    GREAT SITE! (This link will take you to a page with songs that start with the letter "A". You may also go to other letters of the alphabet, or look for a specific song. Thanks to Bethany for this link!)

    Hymns and Spiritual Songs
    CCF Songbook Lyrics
    Christian Song Lyrics
    Hymns, Gospel and Spiritual

    Children and Young Adults
    Complete Song Lyric List
    Judy and David's Online Songbook

    Christmas Carol/Song Lyrics
    Christmas Songs Lyrics
    Christmas Lyrics

    Other Song Lyrics
    Beatle's Song Lyrics
    Musical Lyrics
    Rock N' Roll Song Lyrics with Guitar Chords
    Folk Songs From Various Countries
    Campfire Sing-A-Long Lyrics

    Lyric Link Pages
    Lyrics Web Ring
    Links to Song Lyrics

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    Other Music Therapy Resources:

    American Music Therapy Association Music Therapy in Hospice Care Music Therapy for Parkinson's and Dementia
    What People Are Saying About Music Therapy More Music Therapy Web Sites My Music Therapy Page 2

    Music Companies/Resources:

    West Music MMB Music Brodt Music Company
    Kidder Music Encore Music Company Music Notes

    My Friends with Music Therapy Pages

    James Yeow

    Please let me know how you like this page and any comments or questions you may have. Thanks!
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