This is our story:

Bill was down on his luck and needed a place to stay. The holiday season fast approaching, he began asking his teammates for a place to stay a few weeks. Said that he had had a stroke of bad luck and needed some help to tide him over for a bit. My wife and I talked it over and we decided to be good people. We opened our home to this guy and allowed hom to stay with us throughout the holiday season (even sharing Christmas with both our families). In January, we offered to let him stay with us on a more permanent basis. Up until now, he had been such a decent tenant. Bill had been great about everything. He was nice, honest, open, reasonable and well mannered. Or so it appeared. In the middle of January, I was laid off from my job and, while I was unemployed, Bill decided to steal my credit card. Over the next 2 Ĺ months (Feb-May 2003), Bill racked up over $5000 in illegal and unauthorized purchases.

During this time, the crdit card company was sending statements in the mail. However we never received any of them. Because my wife and I work during the day and we work out of town, and because BIll worked evenings, it is my theory that Bill was intercepting & disposing of them before we got home. So we never got any statements. Because we worked days and Bill stayed home during the days he also intercepted phone calls from the credit card company as well. But eventually, we caught on to the scam. We phoned the police and confronted Bill. Of course the coward lied and denied everything until infallible proof came in the form of a wireless phone bill which matched the amount on our credit card statement. Once he was confronted with proof, he caved and confessed to everything. As it turns out, when he realized he had maxed the credit card, he got scared and threw it out in the trash bin at the back of the casino. The bastard never even had the courtesy to cut up the card. He just threw it out as it was. After a 7 hour wait, police arrived and placed him under arrest and took him away. Later, it was discovered that he confessed to everything and gave detailed accounts of all he had purchased including prices & dates. He was charged with Credit Card Theft, Theft under $5000, Fraud over $5000.

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After a few days, we found out that Billís crime spree didnít stop at credit cards. While checking our accounts online, we found that a couple of checks had been cashed without our knowledge. And, upon further investigating, we found that the last 3 checks in our checkbook had mysteriously gone missing. Our Credit Union has a neat feature where they scan a copy of the check and place it online so that the account holders can see the check, how much it was made out for and when it was cashed. Well, here again, we found infallible proof
(To See Infallible Proof, Click Here) and he was charged with forgery. So, realizing that Bill had posession of 3 personal ckecks and that only 2 had been accounted for, and having learned from our lesson, we changed all of our bank & credit card info. Bill, meanwhile had Forgery (2 counts), Uttering a forged document (2 counts) and Theft (2 counts) added to his list of charges.

Over the next few weeks, while cleaning out the room he was living in, we found used condoms and porno magazines under his bed (eeew!). We found numerous letters from his banks stating that he was overdrafted. We found statements from his cell phone provider saying that his account was overdue by 2 months and we found over 2 dozen credit card receipts for items he purchased complete with forged signatures. We created copies of all the evidence and kept 1 for ourselves as a reminder and as proof in case anyone wanted to see the extent of Bill's stupidity.

We allowed this guy into our home out of the goodness of our hearts. In the spirit of goodwill. He did not pay rent (he was supposed to but out of kindness, we simply let things go thinking he would pay once he was able to), he had one of our cars at his disposal whenever he needed it, he had all the food he wanted, he had his own room, he had his own privacy. He was even invited to spend family holidays with us! He had everything he needed to be happy. But simply because of his greed and because of his lack of intelligence and his disregard for other peopleís feelings and other people's property, he let that all go down the tube. He took advantage of our trust, and tried to destroy us financially. Let it be known that

It has also been revealed to me that I was not the only one that BIll Stoddart swindled out of money, posessions and other such amenities. For example: When he broke up with his ex-fiancee, he took a carfull of guys to "get his stuff" and proceeded to barge into the house and verbally and mentally abuse both the mother AND his ex-fiancee. This was done at a time whre he knew the men in the family would not be around. Also, Bill was apparently kicked out of the last place he lived at because he stole the owner's DVD player and TV and sold them to a pawn shop to get money for himself. When confronted, he denied it, despite the fact that only 3 people (the 2 homeowners - a husband & wife, and Bill) had access to keys and security codes for the alarm.

So Canada beware. From the East Coast to the West Coast let it be known that Bill Stoddart cannot be trusted. This web page has been posted to let everyone know what kind of person Bill is and what he is capable of.
Bill Stoddart.
Forgery, Fraud, Theft.
This is William C. Stoddart. If you see this guy, watch out. This guy cannot be trusted He is human trash.
This is me, Ricardo Martinez. I am the guy he tried to swindle for over $6000 in combined Credit Card scams and check fraud. I look like a putz in this pic, but oh well. At least I'm not a criminal.
On May 6, 2004, William C. Stoddart was arrested and Charged with Credit Card Theft, Fraud over $5000, Theft under $5000

On May 12, 2004, William C. Stoddart had additional charges of Theft (2 counts), Forgery (2 counts) & Uttering a forged document (2 counts) added to his file.
bill's check fraud
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