Decorations, food, and fun!
(no, really)
Beverage dilemma? Two words: Iced Tea.
Welcome guests and potential assassins with windows doors, drawers and cabinets  graced with the traditional masking tape "X". Play Spin the Bottle.  You know you want to ;)    Popcorn without butter?  It's unnatural, sure, but some of your guests might prefer it that way How about some Mulder Madness, courtesy of Foxsong Do-it-yourself! Oiliens, that is!
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 Use the traditional colors of the holiday - black & blue - to adorn your Muldermas table and deck those walls! Accent with touches of red and purple.  Mulder does Muldermas - the mind boggles  Nothing says *Happy Muldermas* like decorations made from used pizza boxes! Trim them with ribbons, bows, and the occasional simulated bullet hole for that honest-to-Mulder feeling!
Who can resist a Marita piņata (instructions) filled with Muldermas Treats 
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Play traditional Muldermas games, like *Cell Phone, Cell Phone, Who Dropped the Cell Phone?*, *Pin the Altered DNA on the EBE*, *Diana Darts* and *Name that Conspiracy!* (*Stratego* is still a Muldermas don't) Why choose?
Order Chinese AND pizza (or, if you live in a particularly Mulder-friendly area, pizza topped with kung pao chicken, or alternatively, Shanghai noodle with pepperoni, anchovies, and double cheese)
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They might not belong to you (do they ever?) but Caddyshack and Steel Magnolias make interesting holiday diversions.
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