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Hello, I'm 10 year old Brooke Milner from Byron,Ga. I will be turn 11 years old this month and have been competing in pageants since I was 3 years old. My very first National pageant,"U.S.A. Stars Teen and Tiny" I had the honor of winning, not only the "Beauty" Title, but the "Overall" Beauty title as well!! Heres a picture of me when I was 4yrs old wearing my "Southern Diamond" National crown...its still one of my very favorites!!

I have won(and worked REALLY hard for them!)several State and Nationals titles through the years ending 1998-99 with these titles...

"Little Miss Alabama"

"Ga.State"Young Miss and "Overall Grand-Supreme"

Hawaiian Tropic",'Beauties of the Year"Grand-Supreme" and "Overall Most Beautiful"

"Americas Darling"National Queen"

"Americas Miss U.S."Nationals "Age Division Supreme"

"Beauties and Beaus" National 8-up "Overall Southern Highpoint" and 8-up "Overall Photogenic"(what an honor!)

"Sugar and Spice"Nationals "T-shirt and Shorts" Beauty winner! This pageant was really fun because you got to compete in just that!!...a t-shirt and pair of shorts!

My last pageant of the year 99' was "Sunburst Internationals" where I had the honor of being in the "top 10" out of 70 girls in my group!!That was really cool!! I also held several Photogenic Calendar and Contest titles,including "Patsy's" magazine"Miss August" spotlight winner!!

I would like to thank Toni Overby,Donna Mallard & Bonnie Perrault,David Parker,Howard & Lisa Robinson and Joanna Franklin for all my beautiful winning photos!! My Mom,Mrs.Lori,Mrs.Judy and Mrs.Sherri for my beautiful clothes! Mrs. Dana Rogers& Bonnie Perrault for my beautiful hair & Make-up. Mrs Melissa and Mr.Shane King for my Awesome, and fun, fun routines!!

Last but not least to "Seasonal Pageantry" for having me as your "January '00 Overall Photo winner"!! Thanks so much!!

I'd like to say hello to some very missed pageant buddies..Elizabeth,Jamie&Jessica,Abbi B.,Abbi M.,Haley,Kayla,Cherisa,(my best big pageant sister..Amberly),Cord,Parker,Brittany,Mallory,Melanie,Carly,Madeline,Casey,Jen a R.Lindsey J,Kali,and all the other friends I made!! I hope to see you all again real soon!!