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Victorian Cat Society
  What is a Victorian Cat?
We are Cats graced with knowledge and beauty, a genteel attitude and a taste for gracious living in a modest yet fulfilling way. We are blessed in the glorious ways of times gone when Ladies were demure and Gentlemen were soft spoken and proper.
Ah the times of yor...
Queen Victoria created a time that some found rigid and unyeilding, but we, the Felines of the world, know only so well the benefits of living in this enchanting era.
We were honored, pampered and adored. That was the privilidge of knowing "genteel" Ladies and Gentlemen. They were the ones who appreciated our perfection, quietness and wisdom.
Queen Victoria doted upon her Cat "White Heather" throughout it's life and it was considered a member of the family, even after our Beloved Queens death, White Heather continued to live a long and regal life in Buckingham Palace .......oh I do go on! More about that later.

Now then, I would like to take you on a tour of our Victorian Cat Pages. We have developed these pages to annouce our deepest pride in becoming members of the exclusive Victorian Cats Society of CLAW. So come with us now and we will give you the tour.

First, and of course most properly, enter our Parlor. We may then go to the Tea Room for some pleasant conversation, followed by a nice walk through our Gardens.
So let us get started.....
The Parlor
The Tea Room
The Gardens
Our Gifts and Calling Cards
Our CLAW Pages

The Victorian Cat Society Main Page

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For Felines who enjoy the
Pomp and Circumstance
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