This web site contains pictures, circuits and items relating to seismographic instrumentation, circuits, and descriptions of their use, or functionality potential.   Included are some past local area social events.

By Meredith Lamb

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Coil/Magnet Vault Photographs   Robert Lamb's Hall Sensor Circuit   Robert Lamb's Hall Sensor Meter Circuit  Hall Circuit Operational Setup  Hall Circuit Components
 Hall Sensor Use In Seismometers   Homebrew S-G type Seismometer Photo's   Past Magnets Tour  Pier/Vault Importance  Hall/Magnet Configurations
 PSN 1999 Colorado meeting at USGS in Golden  Inside photos of an old Sprengnether horizontal seismometer  Inside photos of an old Sprengnether vertical seismometer The USGS 8/28/99
open house exhibits
 Salvaging neodymium magnets
 A Diamagnetic Geomagnetic/seismometer experiment
(Levitated Magnet)
 Diamagnetic comparison graphs to other sensors Graphite Levitation Seismometers


References to further web sites of considerable interest

 Redwood City Public Seismic Network.........
 USGS Albuquerue Seismological Lab......Near real time seismograms around the world and much more...
 Sean-Thomas Morrissey.....Seismic Instrumentation Engineer (deceased). A Vertical Seismo plan and education info.
 Linear Magnetic Sensors for Seismometers by Chris Chapman ...the use of a Hall sensor in seismometers
 A Distance Sensor Calibration Mechanism by Chris Chapman...measuring a Hall sensor response
 Arie Verveer's web site......homebrew S-G seismometer and other interesting project items.
 The best instructive web site for a variety of physics, earth science, earthquakes, museums and web links by Dr. John Lahr.  Included are other extensive interests.
 $2 Diamagnetic Suspension Seismometer by James Spottiswoode....a true diamagnetic graphite stable levitation horizontal seismometer   Be sure to check out the graphics/pictures!