Skywalkers Playstation corner

Some pictures of my Playstation...
(from top)
(side view)
(the magic card: 512KB SRAM for PSX-BIOS replacement / serial voltage converter)
Hello everyone ! This page is dedicated to all those Playstation freaks who do not follow that standard "Plug'n'Play" usage of their PSX. So if there are at least 5 wires soldered out of your playstation you just found the right page for you :) ...

Hardware projects:

 psxser.txt         ATTENTION !!! VERSION 2 of the serial link cable PSX - PC !! Now 100% working with SIOCONS !!
 RomEmu.gif    The (long awaited) schematics for my "Magic Card" - 512KB SRAM for loading different PSX BIOS !!

Software projects (PC side):  Program for snooping through the PSX memory
                       (EZ-o-Ray version, sorry, Caetla version in progess)

Software projects (PSX side):  Demo called 'AnimeDemo' - made by me for Hitmen within 3 days!  Mahjongg game for the Playstation !

Useful Links:
Hitmen PSX Section      Best PSX scene group ! Check it out!...
AnarchyUs homepage    PSX serial project, yaroze stuff...
Datels homepage            home of the famous ActionReplay / CommsLink
Insert Coin                     useful programs, demos...
BlackBag                       everything you need for a better life with your PSX :)