Linda Zarate

Linda Zarate is a 25-veteran of the computer industry who started her carrer in data entry and moved up through mid-range and mainframe computing operations, to client/server and distributed systems. She is certified in Information Mapping, and has a wide range of experience in change control, problem management and process design and development.

Ms. Zarate has developed information systems policies and procedures for major clients, such as PacifiCare, AT&T Fixed Wireless, Telescape Communications and Toyota.

She has also written a white paper on recovery management, and is the co-author of the concept of Survival Level Objectives, which will be fully described in an article that she and Mike Tarrani are collaborating.

Linda specializes in the following technical disciplines:

See Her personal page for additional information.
She can be contacted at her e-mail address or through her home page. Call Linda if your system is configured to make phone calls over the Internet.