This morning I got woken up early by Cheesecake+3 on the phone. I better wake up because his Grandma & Grandpa were:
I woke up as quicly as I could but didn't manage it. I didn't make coffee or hide my dope, but I did put my contacts in backwards. I hadn't seen my mother & father-in-law for 4 years.

Grandma went right into Shane's room & said, "Welp, messy as usual!" Then she went into Jasmine's room to wake her up but Jasmine didn't budge.

It was really nice seeing them but I was still too groggy to make coffee & at one point I had to pull my contact out of my eye. Grandma took my picture.

Later that day I went to the food bank which is on Ontario street. When I got to Windsor I thought I was getting close until I came to Alberta. On Manitoba I started asking directions. It was on the next street , of course.

My bike gears are stripped & the handlebar's lose. Sometimes the pedal chain slips entirely, causing me to push the handlebars forward. This only happens at the worst times.

When I got to the food bank, people were lined up for a mile.


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