EPITAPH (Polydor 2371225 in 1971) LP

A 1. Moving To The Country

  2. Visions

  3. Hopelessly

B 1. Little Maggie

  2. Early Morning
Recording Data

・ Recorded at Wessex Studio London
  and Windrose Studio Hamburg
  in 1971
・ Produced by Gerd Muller
・ All Written by Epitaph


Cliff Jackson (Vocal, Guitar) Klaus Walz (Guitar) Bernd Kolbe (Bass, Mellotoron) James Mcgillvray (Drums)

A producer is Gerd Muller. It is said that he was the person who did not know which switch carries out what done in the mixer room.
I want you to hear introduction of "Moving To The Country" which is the opening tune of this album. This thick beautiful melody of Twin lead guitar sound me as if it had declared that EPITAPH made an excellent piece of music one after another after this activitys.

And next tune, "Visions" is an excellent piece of music too. The whispers-sound of the merotoron which flows calmly behind voice is the sound which cannot be heard if it is not in this 1970's music scene.
The sound of EPITAPH is peculiar to such a European band charm truly.

Although this album was always rare item, but CD format (OSA/automatic call distribution941092) was released by bootleg in April, 1994, And another CD release (PMS 7084-WP) was realized by probably official authority from Repertoire label known as a label of reproduction in 1998.
The single-recorded songs "London Town Girl" and "Visions (single version)", and the early tracks "I'm Trying" and "Changing World" which was unreleased until "Handicap" album was released, are included as bonus tracks.

LP Polydor 2371225 1971 Germany
CD OSA/ACD 941092 1994 Germany Bootleg
CD Repertoire PMS7084-WP 1998 Germany + 4 Bonus Trk.
CD MSI MSIF7784 2001 Japan Repertoire press + Japanese insert