STOP, LOOK & LISTEN (Polydor 2371274 in 1972) LP

A 1. Crossroads

  2. Nightingale

  3. Uptight

B 1. Fly

  2. Stop, Look And Listen
Recording Data

・ Recorded at Audio Ton Studio
  Berlin April 1972
・ Produced by EPITAPH
・ All written by Cliff Jackson
  Exept B-2 by EPITAPH


Cliff Jackson (Vocal, Guitar) Klaus Walz (Guitar) Bernd Kolbe (Bass, Mellotoron) James Mcgillvray (Drums)

This album was recorded in Berlin fades its atmosphere of debut album with rough, and the refined production of sound was made.
The melody of beautiful twin lead guitar which suggests the great british rock band, WISHBONE ASH was increasing their talent.

The songs which should be observed especially in this album are "Fly." and "Stop, Look and Listen". This tune should make the most of a Hammond organ, and should be involved a melody, the vocal harmony, etc. Like progressive-rock approach was shown and it is the highlight tune of this album I think. I heard this tune has another take called "Thomas Kuckkuck Remix" recorded in Windrose studio of Humburg just before album completion in fact but, Polydor did not put it into this album, but adopted take of this album inclusion after recorded.

The title tune "Stop, Look And Listen" is their band-anthem-song, and turned into important song for their live performance. This tune was calmly started by the guitar melody of this "crying" tone, and the hard deployment which made guitar-riffs main soon was greeted. it truly the snake of the 70s it can be said that it is rock music the influence from the drug scene of Germany of those days should hear also about the ending part similar to "Helter Skelter" of BEATLES.
Although the jacket photograph of this album as looking, "The sign which printed the title stands on a wilderness", seemingly, the member photshot of a back jacket was due to become the front jacket also on the basis in fact.

CD (OSA/941096) was be released by bootleg in 1994, and, subsequently CD release (PMS 7083-WP) was realized from Repertoire label in April, 1998. Four songs of the single record "Autumn'71" and "Are You Ready" which are introduced behind, and "We Love You Alice" and "Paradise For Sale" was recorded as a bonus track.

LP Polydor 2371274 1972 Germany
CD OSA/ACD 941096 1994 Germany Bootleg
CD Repertoire PMS7083-WP 1998 Germany + 4 Bonus Trk.