DANGER MAN (Rockport RO 014 in 1982) LP

A 1. Long Live The Children
  2. Heartless
  3. High Wire
  4. Snake Charmer

B 1. Small Town Girl
  2. Ain't No Liar
  3. Let Me Know
  4. The Daughter
Recording Data

・ Recorded at Ton studio
  Hiltpoltstein February 1982
・ Produced by EPITAPH
  and Manfred Neuner
・ All written by EPITAPH


Cliff Jackson (Vocal, Guitar) Klaus Waltz (Guitar) Bernie (=Bernd) Kolbe (Bass) Norbert "Panzer" Lehmann (Drums)

The release of this album was from the minor label Rockport Records in Germany.There is a diff cover in French press. This album was not yet released by CD format at the time of 2001.
Bernie (=Bernd) Kolbe was taking charge of the lead vocal among six songs of this album. Cliff was taking charge of the lead vocal by the two remaining songs. Each of these musical pieces was wonderful. Although poverty of sound producing was regrettable, it was the album which collected high quality melodic rock music, and twin lead guitar was still shine on.
And there was a song which is not forgotten by me in this album. "Long Live The Children" is it. The following sentences are in the words of this song ...

  Dortmund city ain't so pretty. When your half alive.
  Played guitar in every bar....
  ...Big promoter two time joker making me a star.
  But don't forget where your at and just who you are...

  ...75,76, thought we'd made it good.
  77,78, no one understood...
  79, big big decline gave it for for good...
  81, feeling strong ready for the fight.
  82, it's up to you, got to get it right...

 I think that, this song cannot be written but Cliff and EPITAPH, and cannot be performed without him either. It having gone into old friends and old studio, and making the name of their hometown into words at first, Cliff sang for a band EPITAPH, oneself.
When I read this text of "Long Live The Children" for the first time, I used to be impressed if it thinks so. That is why the address of the band management returned to the hometown of EPITAPH, Dortmund...

LP Rockport RO 014 1982 Germany
LP Polydor 810092-1 1982 French