The photographs of EPITAPH other than the photograph in album jackets is seldom seen. Here, I was found out somehow is shown one by one.

Pressefoto.Sammlung Wolfgang Pokall.
Taken from "German Rock e.V."

 This will be considered to be a member photo at the time of 3rd album released in 1974.
From the left to right,Cliff、Klaus、Achim、Bernd.

1979 (C) Metronome Sammlung Andreas Braus
Taken from "German Rock e.V."

 This is a photograph in session of the jacket photography of "Set Your Spirit Free" single record was released from their 4th album in 1979.
From the left to right, Heinz、Cliff、Harvey、Fritz 、Michael.

 Similarly this is a member photo at the time of 4th album release. This was taken for the omnibus record "German Rock On Top" released by Germany RCA, this was on the back of the jacket.
From the left to right,Harvey、Heinz、Michael、Cliff、Fritz.

Klaus Walz. I think that it was a photograph around 1978 in the Germany rock band,LADY which probably he joined after EPITAPH withdrawal.

Thanks Eckhard ! .

Recently Epitaph. Sure older than ever, but now they are rockin' !
From the left to right,James, Bernd, Heinz, Cliff. Is that right?

New Epitaph, after changing of the drummer.
From the left to right,Heinz, Achim, Bernd, Cliff.