Begun January 4, 2001
Finished June 26, 2002
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MSR, post-col, NC-17
Summary: Seeker of answers, bringer of
truth... he alone can reveal the hidden
memories of her heart.

This is a continuation of "Julia" - in order
to follow this story, I recommend reading
that first.
Disclaimer: The X-Files and the
characters used in this story are the
property of 1013 Productions. No
infringement intended.
The wonderful Caro fed my evil
nature with this sketch of
Gabey and Julia. Hopefully, it'll
make me work faster! :)
Even more inspiration... this
time by the "bearded Gabey"
pro, Livvy. Sometimes I just
need a little push. <g>
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Spooky Awards 2002

Outstanding Apocalypse/Post-
Colonization, Honorable Mention
Bookcover by Jill