A Familiar Heart
Rating: NC-17
Category: MSR, AU, GPF
Disclaimer: So not mine. I doubt anyone over at 1013 would recognize this Mulder and
Scully as theirs, either. <g>

Summary: "The Best Years of our Lives" meets "Magnificent Obessession", Mulder and
Scully style.

This is in response to the Haven November Challenge, aka Guilty Pleasure Fic. The
basic elements are:

fear of clowns
a voyeur
a stalker
a search

And the author can write the story as a 'guilty pleasure' fic - in other words, however
the heck they want it to go, no matter how much it's been done or how taboo it is. So
here's where I say my guilty pleasure is seriously AU fics. You know, the ones where
Mulder and Scully are not FBI agents, most probably set back in time. I know that's
not everyone's cup of tea, so bail now if you don't care for this sort of story.

And yes, I also have a thing for virginal!Scully, MT, stranded-in-the-snow nookie and
dress-up dancing, preferably at weddings. *Now* do you see where I'm going with this?

That said, if you're still with me, put some Old Blue Eyes, or Dino, or Rosemary
Clooney in the CD player and dive into this romantic fantasy of mine.

PS - I am in no way an expert on WWII, and I've only done minimal research
(so I can spend more time writing this bodice ripper). Please excuse any
historical inaccuracies. However, Los Banos Internment Camp was a very real
place where 12 Navy Nurse Corps nurses spent the majority of WWII as POW's.
I had a fascinating time reading some of the RL accounts of survivors from
the camp. And yes, I've embellished at will. :)

The URL's I stumbled across are too numerous to name, but here are a few, if
you're interested:

Nurses on Bataan

Naval Historical Center

Oral History of a WWII Naval Nurse

Oral History of a WWII Naval Nurse POW, Phillipines

Oral Histories, Corregidor

Combat Chronicle, 11th Airborne Division

The 511th Airborne Rescue at Los Banos

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