NC-17, Angst, post-'Never Again'
She wants to feel alive.
NC-17, Angst, post-'Never Again'
He wants to hear her say it most of all.
NC-17, MSR, Angst, post-'En Ami'
It can only end in mutual surrender.
No Quarter Given
Bookcover by Ally
Spooky Awards 2001 Winner

Outstanding Series, 1st Place
Outstanding NC-17 MSR, 2nd place
Outstanding Angst, 3rd place
Outstanding Post-Episode Story, 3rd place
The Map Room Award for Outstanding Fic
set outside Washington, D. C., Honorable
WIP, MSR, Angst, Mytharc
Rated NC-17

Disclaimer: These characters are not mine to play with, but I can't help myself.
Writing about them is just too irresistible.

A continuation of the "No Quarter Given" series, beginning after the events of "The
Truth". Though set in the NQG universe, this will not be character-driven, as that
series was. And while it helps to have read the previous stories, I feel this story
can stand alone.

I envision a novel length tale, heavy on mytharc, but one that resolves many
issues between Mulder and Scully only touched upon in NQG. Hopefully, it will tie
up a few loose ends left dangling by the show as well.

As a work-in-progress, this story is still in beta and may undergo revisions.