PG-13, MSR, A, other POV,
You can't fool *all* of the
people, *all* of the time.
PG-13, MSR, other POV, 'Signs and Wonders'
A sequel to 'Intuitive Reasoning'.
Kosseff vs. Mulder - one analysis, seven
minute time limit.
R, A, MSR, other POV, 'Orison' Spoilers.
Third in the series that began with "Intuitive
Reasoning", then "I Say Obsessive, You Say
A late night distress call shatters the calm.
PG-13, H, MSR, other POV, 'Hollywood
AD' Spoilers.
Fourth in the series that began with
"Intuitive Reasoning"
Who needs glass slippers when there
are Idaho shoes?
PG-13, MSR, A, other POV, Spoilers for
'Per Manum', TINH.
Fifth in the "Intuitive Reasoning" series.
"After silence, that which comes
nearest to expressing the inexpressible
is music." - Aldous Huxley
Intuitive Reasoning
A series that explores the
Mulder/Scully relationship through
the eyes of Karen Kosseff.
Spooky Awards 2000 Winner

Outstanding Series and Outstanding
Other Series Character
Characterization, 2nd Place