Spike's Pad
This is me! Finally got me
paws on the komputer to
make me own page!
This is me bed. Me like laundry basket.
Me no like krate that Mishy got for me.
Lotsa room here to partay with chicks!
But me like couch, too. Me
partay on couch when Mishy
at work.
This me ropey. Me like
martinis and choklit, too!
Me happy when me get to sit in
someone's lap. Specially if someone is
chick with big yah-ba-hoes. :D
This me only baby picshur.
Wasn't me cute?!
Me Chicks!
This Helga. Rowrrr. She big,
but me like 'em big sometime.
Best thing - Helga come with
own martinis!
This Fifi. She no come with
martinis, but she good for dress-up
dates. Me like snooty chicks,too.
They get un-snooty with Spikey
real quick!
Spike's Buds
This some of me buddies. Me like
some a lot. Me just put up with
some becuz they get good chicks.
This Roman. Roman is one
partaying dude! Me like to hang
with Roman. Besides, he too
dumb to get chicks on his own.
This Maggie. She sometimes
Roman's squeeze. She one hot
mama, but she get into trouble a
lot. Lots of nites spent in the
slammer. Me luv Maggie, tho!
Me like Roman and Maggie best!
This Max. He too hi-class for me.
And he thinks me a girl dog - won't
leave me alone! But the chicks like
his good looks, so we hang with him.
Make him go fetch martinis. :)
This Chewie. He okay, I suppose.
He don't say much and he just sit
there when we partay. But chicks
like strong, silent type so we let
him hang with us.
Max and Chewie. Sometimes
they devil dogs. Not good
like Spikey. But they still get
chicks, see?
Come and see Spikey sometime, okay?
Me let you play with me ropey...
This not me, not really. Mishy
like to make fun of me when I
partay too much. Bad Mishy!
This Chelsea, me sweet pea. She
belong to Beckylynn. She see me
picshur and she want to be
Spikey's chick. See? Spikey get
any chick he want!
This Eliza Jane. She belong to
Bonetree. She cool becuz she
come with her own toy! And
she like sharing with Spikey -
what chick wouldn't?
This Faulkner. He belong to Bonetree just like
Eliza Jane. His pad mucho cool - chicks luv the
fish! Lots of room for us buds to get down and
get funky!
This Bear - he belong to
mountainphile. He stay on a leash
becuz he so populr with the chicks.
He even get to be in "group" with
nuthing but chicks! Me jealous, but
me like Bear, anyway. He kool.
Except when Helga partay
too much... she kill me if she
know I put this picshur up
here. This partay was a wild
one - me still have hangover
just thinking bout it.
This Claudia - she snooty, too. Got
that Farah look goin on. Me keep
telling her that so seventies but she no
listen to Spikey. All she do is make me
put on bellbottoms. Hmph. Me no
care, tho. Claudia one freaky chick
who luv to partay!
This me newest bud. Me like him
okay, but me not let him hang around
too much, cuz me think Mishy like him
better than me. Why, me dunno.
Cuz Spike is way better lookin.