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A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty (Winston Churchill).

This site is decicated for people who worked at eConnections, the braves who left behind a part of their heart and soul in the fight for a vision.... We lost a battle, but are better prepared for the next one. Don't give up !!

  • According to Felix, HealthNet might offer cheaper insurance than the Quobra program distributed by eConnections. Check it out.
  • For the ones who did not attend LA Job Fair, you did not miss out anything!!It's better just to access to the Web site of these companies and you can see the same offers, wthout having to wait in line.
  • Use Guestbook to post comments or suggestions.
  • The address book: please verify your data and let us know if corrections are necessary. Also, please pass the words around for friends who are not in the list yet. We have also the address of most people in our file (for just in case).
  • Not all of us is aware of what we have to do, what we get etc.... The FAQ section might give some lights for us. Check it out, you may have the right answer in there.