Hi, my name is Brenda and I have many interests...the latest being my computer, but I also love reading, crafting, sewing, my son and my daughter, my beautiful grandkids, my main man Bill, and getting emails(giggle).
I'm an ex-psychiatric nurse, now working in with post psychiatric employment in a Clubhouse setting. I am also a St.John Ambulance First Aid and CPR Instructor, and an ex-hairdresser. You might say, "A Jack of all trades and master of none."

I live in Canada, in the province of Manitoba, in the city of Brandon

It's a very picturesque place that's known locally as the "Wheat City' and also as the "Host City" due to the large number of activities that take place in our Keystone Centre as well as numerous other venues. You can see where Brandon is located on the map below. We are straight north of North Dakota,U.S. (Not that far from you!!*grin*)


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Some of the things I dislike intensely are 1)SNAKES!!!! 2)LIVER!! 3)OLIVES!! 4)RED AND GREEN PEPPERS!!...yech!!!!
Some of the things I like are 1)COMPUTERS 2)PEPSI 3)LEARNING 4)CHEESECAKE AND 5)BOOKS.

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