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First a little bit about me:

My name is David Alexander and I am a student (20 years old) studying Mechanical Engineering at Birmingham, England. Last year I took a year out before going to uni and was employed through a program called The Year In Industry, which has placed over 650 students in Britain this year.

And now a bit about my car:

A bit of info about other Farnham
based Mini owners

This is my car. It was restored professionally and has since had an exhaust upgrade, performance air filter and new clutch (Not my choice of improvement) added.

I added a stage 1 kit myself and after a small adjustment of the timing I was very pleased with the results. I recommend anyone who is disappointed with the performance of their Mini to do the same. 160 managed to drop the 0-60 of my car by 3 seconds and the new sound was great. I had no mechanics experience before buying my car and it was quite a simple, unbolt this, bolt this on, job. There are a few draw-backs, the sound is a bit on the harsh side at 90 mph and the mpg has dropped a tad.

More recently, my car suffered a bit of a cylinder head problem and I decided that it was time to get a better (substitute bigger) engine and do a few other mods while I was at it. Engine changing and other mods. (link to be added soon)

This is Scott and my Cars:

(Scott's is the car at the back)

Scott, like myself, is a regular on the IMM (International Mini List) It's a

mailing list with loads of mini fanatics who can help you out with almost

any problem that you have. You can get a digest version so rather than

about 60-100 messages a day you get just one. It's very useful and very


This following section will hopefully provide enough information to help you decide how to improve your car and at a realistic cost. I cannot be held responsible for any actions carried out after using this information which result in damage of any vehicle.

Customising Your Mini





ICE (In Car Entertainment)

Exterior (Paint, body kits...)

As I write the pages I will add the links, so drop by to see if anything is new.

A Few Mini Links:

Mini Web Page

Mini Spares

Another geocityer's mini page

A Great page for all the links known to man (well, Mini related anyway)

Scott Beavis A fellow Mini lover and useful source of information.

Any questions or ideas please mail me:

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