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Welcome to my humble abode/homepage!

Will Carcary
Quality Assurance
+44 1256 315000 extension 2311

Boring stuff at work:

I'm a student at Eli Lilly in Basingstoke. I'm working here for a year with the Year In Industry Scheme before I can go to University (Cardiff, Wales) to study Pharmacy in October

My own personal interests (most of them 2CV related):

2CVs, 2Cvs, and a few more links to 2CV sites around the world
Luis from Portugal/America's page dedicated to 2CVs- cool!
Cars: Tuned up 2CVs
The Citroen Connection
Reading: Martin Amis
Reading: Irvine Welsh- author of Trainspotting

A representation of my actual car (colour scheme included!): 1983 Citroen 2cv6 special

My car is an "A" registered "red" 2CV6 special. I have carried out various repairs/modifications on it, ranging from blacking out the rear lights, changing the exhaust, replacing the roof, replacing one of the rear suspension arms (my sister actually did this), replacing the fan, replacing one door (with a green one), blacking out the windows, adding a new Mountney steering wheel, beefing up the stereo, and changing the points and condenser. It's a great car to drive, and although it's challenging to work on in some respects, it's got great character and is such a good design. In the future I intend to do more work on my car, see the tuning link for more details. I intend to put a new K & N air filter, and electronic ignition (kestrel- already ordered) under the bonnet. I shall also be lowering the suspension. Wide alloys are a bit hard to come by as the wheels have 3 bolts, not the usual four.

A picture of my cars

A picky of me!! and some boring information

Details of my little engine problemo

My new modified car stereo (soon to be installed!)

Pictures of a 2cv Tractor!

A lengthened 2CV for Luis (and anyone else who wants to look at it!) Thanks to the Daily Telegraph!

My mate Dave's Page- about minis
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