Super Chevy at IRP '98

I talked my dad into making the trek to Super Chevy this year.  The weather on Saturday was nice and we both managed to get the obligatory sunburn.

This is a guy from my hometown.  He's been on the Hot Rod Power Tour the last two years.  This car was on the cover of last year's issue that covered the tour.

This guy had order forms for these cars from his custom shop.  It's based on Thom Taylor sketches and a Revell model.

This one is for Dad, since I always tell him that his minivan isn't cool.  When we first saw this one, the owner had just arrived and didn't have the hood open.  Dad looked inside and figured it must have the original six cylinder since the center console hadn't been changed.  WRONG!  This thing had a big block with a Dominator sunk way down in the frame.  I still wouldn't consider it cool, but I saw Dad staring intently as his own minivan when we got home.

This kind of goes along with the minivan.  I thought it was neat since I used to be an engineer for a local school bus manufacturer.  It had a blown big block and ran 13.50's in the quarter on the rear wheels.  It has hinged panels on the top that flip open when he gets it up to keep it from achieving lunar orbit.

This car was drop-dead gorgeous, but we never saw it make a pass.  It looked like it should have been on the other side of the strip with the show cars instead of in the pits with the real cars.

Not too many Corvairs in the lanes.  This car kind of stood out.  It was really done well and ran high 9's in the quarter.

This thing screamed sitting still.

Everything on the front of the car was airbrushed.  You couldn't tell until you got close.

One of the Outlaw Street series cars.  He blew a huge fireball out from under the car on the big end, got sideways, popped the chute, straightened it up, and became a member of the brown underwear club. I would have called it a day right there.  I found out later that the guy driving was Tex Cooper and he is 76 years old.  One of my buddies saw him a couple of years ago in his old yellow and white '55.  He said that he blew the insides out of a set of Flowmasters at half track.  What a showman!

One of the SC Nitro Coupe entries that was running in the 6.60's.

Extremely sharp.  Adequate power, I must say.

These two Willys were parked next to each other.  While we were studying them, Dad said he was pretty sure the designer of this body style must have had drag racing in mind when he put ink on paper.

This was the coolest thing we saw all day.  I had Dad hyped for this run because of Rob Walden's scaled '62 Bubbletop Outlaw Street car.  I knew the car could scream.  Unfortunately, Rob lost traction off the line.  To our great surprise, the '48 Panel (owned by Steve Rennick) in the other lane ran a 7.65 at 170+.  It takes some serious power to shove a brick like that through the air.


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