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MaryM's Original Easy Crochet Tatting (and other)
Designs & Tutorials

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More of my own designs, pics only

Also - VIDEO Making "Tatted Chains" with single-ended AA hook

My Handmade Wooden Cro-Tat Hooks for Yarn

How to Hold the Thread for Cro-Tat

Cro-Tat Designs

Cro-Tat Daisy Bullion Edging Trim
tutorial with lots of pictures

Cro-Tat Pink Trefoil Cluster Edging Trim

Cro-Tat Pink Ears Edging Trim

Cro-Tat Bookmark
pictorial instructions

Cro-Tat Heart Valentine
diagram and pictures


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Lavender Filet Bookmark


Cro-Tat Snowflake with diagram

Ring Circles Snowflake

Blue Varigated Snowflake

"5-Wrap Treble" Snowflake


Ring Tips Snowflake


Bullion Center Snowflake

Cro-Tat Cross

~ Additional Designs ~

Cute Little Scissors Fobs!

Goofy Basket 'Ghan!
(Corner to corner)

Mom's Kitchen Garden Wallhanging

All materials onthis site copyright 2001-6 Mary Marcontell