MegaMan & Bass
Last Updated On:
April 12, 2003

Code Effect GameShark Code
Enable Code (Must Be On) 1BAAD357 - 493AAB84
606AAF7D - EA409D08
Infinite Health 1 F308FBF1 - 6C3F0CD0
Infinite Lives 2112A580 - 21AD8135
999 Bolts 678697FE - 740451E3
FE1625F3 - F1884841
Rapid Fire (Mega Man) 2 AA004C69 - AA28C930
Infinite Double Jumps (Bass) 3 C5A4660F - CE7C8F2B
One Hit Kill For Bosses 4 F80F19DF - 51267EE0
6B567CC9 - 63DD8CC3
Unbreakable Ice Wall 5 603DA5EE - 05C3D4F4
Have Weapon Codes 6
Have Spread Drill: Ground Man Cleared B860D6CC - 8FB96D3A
Have Lightning Bolt: Dynamo Man Cleared 88CA342E - AA1FABD4
Have Remote Mine: Pirate Man Cleared DDD8F91A - 39C8E6F7
Have Wave Burner: Burner Man Cleared 9BA51762 - 51098FC2
Have Magic Card: Magic Man Cleared 9DC1265C - FCC1E456
Have Ice Wall: Cold Man Cleared 6DFDAB53 - 462E2D2C
Have Tengu Blade: Tengu Man Cleared AFA87F09 - 19877CE2
Have Copy Vision: Astro Man Cleared 9FE5F264 - 9E39AE82
Have Treble Boost (Bass)
Have Rush Search (Mega Man)
827B2A18 - 41DE0241
Have Beat 7 8296F561 - 49EA8287
Have Eddie 7 0BB1A3C2 - 581027E6
Have Item Codes
Have Most First Row Items 6F50B3BB - 3596FEF5
Have EXIT Item, Walkie-Talkie, CD Indicator D46B7046 - 849F0ABD
Have All Second Row Items EF2A79CF - 51DA8231

1 In Ground Man's stage, turn this code off after dying or you may die instantly when you begin again. After you restart the level, this code can be turned on again.

2 While this code is enabled, Mega Man will automatically fire charged shots. You can fire normal shots while this is going on by tapping B. You can stop firing all shots by holding down B. Release B again to resume auto-fire. You can't auto-fire special weapons with this code. To change weapons using L or R, hold down the B Button to stop firing, then switch weapons. This code has no effect on Bass.

3 With this code, you can continue to jump each time you press A. You can continue to shoot as you jump by pressing B.

4 Certain enemies and mini-bosses may also be killed in one hit when this code is activated. Turn the code off during the boss intro and turn it on again after the fight begins. Use both codes at the same time to ensure that all bosses are killed in one hit. Using only one code can cause some bosses to have full energy.

5 Any Ice Walls you create will become unbreakable while the code is activated. The code is particularly helpful when you are playing as Mega Man -- you can use the Ice Wall as a platform to clear long spike pits without worrying about the wall breaking. To force the wall to break, turn off the code temporarily.

6 These codes will also give infinite energy to the indicated weapon. The level of the boss who gives you the weapon will be cleared.

7 DO NOT use these codes if you are not Mega Man, as the game will freeze!

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