Our Wedding
May 30, 1999

Leslie and Frank

Here is the short and condensed story about Leslie and Frank....we met online March of 1997. On May 28, 1997 we met in person when Frank was here in San Jose on a business trip.  We went to see Austin Powers, we played at the Sports Bar in the Pavillion Mall that is no longer around...then in the middle of the night we drove to Half Moon Bay. We shared our first kiss in the parking lot of the Chart House in Montara, CA. Frank dropped me off at home at 3:15am and at 3:30am he left. We've been together ever since.

Our wedding was on Sunday, May 30, 1999 at the Santa Teresa Golf Course. It was a 6pm ceramony and extremely windy that day!  Frank's children who have been living with us for 1 year now were also in the wedding. And now for the pictures....


Now my online nickname is Princess_Leslie. This picture should need no explanation ;-)

And of course we have to have pics of the "girls"


More pictures to come later....this is hard work so be patient!

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