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I can't help falling in love...

Who is Troy? Well, he is my fiancť of course? So you want to know more about him and how we met? Well, I can tell you, but we might be here for a while, because I love to talk about him. Troy is the greatest guy in the world. He is the sweetest most caring, and loving man I have ever met. I am grateful that I met him and I thank god often that he gave Troy to me. Troy, gave me a chance to love him and to love me back when most guys wouldn't even look at me, because they were scared away by my wheelchair. Troy was never scared away. I met him on the Internet on May 13, 1998. From the first e-mail I got from him I knew is was someone special; I just didnít know how special he would become to me. We chatted and exchanged e-mails for about a month and became close and decided we had to meet. We did that on June 26, 1998. I was so scared, happy, excited, and nervous all at the same time. I was scared he would meet me in person and then wouldnít want to talk to me or anymore. I was scared we wouldnít click like we did on the computer, but all my fears were put to rest when he pulled up in his car and I seen his face for the first time. From that moment on I knew he was the one. Troy lived in Johnson Creek, Wisconsin and that is about 240 miles from Chippewa Falls. I had been off from Technical College for the summer, so I spent a little time down by Troy getting to know him and his family. They were great and accepted me as one of the family right away. When I had to go back to school, Troy came up almost every weekend to see me, but that just wasnít enough. When he had to leave on Sunday night it felt like my heart was being ripped from my chest and wouldnít be replaced until I seen him again on Friday. The time without him was terrible and it didnít seem fair that I couldnít be with the man I loved all the time. It broke my heart to hear people talking about being with their boyfriends all the time. I wanted that. It killed me to listen to love songs, because they all were saying what I was feeling. After dealing with that pain for the few months we had been together we decided we couldnít handle it anymore, we had to be together and then the beginning of December 98 Troy did the sweetest thing that anyone has every done for me. He moved up to be with me. We didnít have a place to live, so we stayed with my parents for the time being. Troy had to find a new job and everything. He changed his life just to be with me and still to this day I think of that and it brings a tear to my eye. I have never had anyone love me as much as he does and I am grateful to have him in my life. Well, on December 17, 1998 (my birthday if you donít remember) he shocked me even more and asked me to marry him. It was such a shock to me, because I didnít know if or when I would ever had anyone ask my hand in marriage. Of course, I said yes. We havenít set a date yet. Well, we had a date set, but it came and went. You know how it goes. We need to save some money, but we hope to have it next year. Do you want to know how he proposed? Well, he took me out to dinner for my birthday and said he had another present he wanted to give me at the restaurant. I didn't think anything of it, because he was always giving me little presents and he said that he couldn't get me a ring then, but someday he would. Anyway, we got done eating and he gave me a box with a Christmas ornament in it, a gold heart with little red hearts around it and a red ribbon to hang it up. I looked at it and on the front it read, "Troy and Kathy's 1st Christmas 1998. Then he said to turn it over. I did and read what was on the back. It said, "Will You Marry Me?" I had to blink my eyes a couple times, to realize what I was reading. Then I thought he was just joking and I was looking up to say, "sure Troy, I will marry you, right now... whatever"... and as I was looking up he was getting down on one knee. The only thing I could say was, Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god and every time I said it I got louder. Anyway, he put the ring on my finger and of course I said yes. I was shaking so much; it was all like a dream come true. That weekend after he asked me I had a surprise for him. You know Casey Kasem, the top 40 and long distance dedications? Well, the beginning of December Troy's car had broken down and he had been sick so there was no way he could come up and visit. Well, I missed him terribly. Anyway, I had been listening to the countdown and they played a long distance dedication; I started to think that it would be so cool to tell Troy I loved him through one of those. People all over the world would hear me declare my love to Troy. The next day when I got online I sent Casey Kasem an Email with my long distance dedication to Troy. Well, I thought, hmmm, they will never play my dedication and if they don't it won't be for weeks or months and I left it at that. Well, on my birthday I got an Email back from someone saying that my long distance dedication would be played that weekend. I didn't want to tell Troy, but I wanted to make sure we listened to it. I ended up telling him, so we would be sure to hear it. Anyway, that weekend we had to go down to his mom and dad's for a Christmas party and we were coming back on Sunday night and trying to find the countdown on the radio station in the car. Well, I caught the end of it on one station and I was so bummed I felt like crying, because I really wanted to hear it and have Troy hear it. I was hoping we would make it close enough to home so they would have it again. glass Well, they did and we heard it and it was so cool. I was so excited and happy, but then I was thinking, well, no one in our families would be able to hear it, because I hadn't had enough time to tell everyone. Too many things had happened that couple days. Anyway, I wrote Casey Kasem and they sent me a CD of the broadcast so we have a copy of it. Anyway, that was just one romantic time in our life together. What song did I dedicate to him? Well, As Long As You Love Me, of course. That was one of the first songs we heard and thought of each other when we heard it. Anyway, I hope you liked hearing about Troy and I. I will keep you posted on a wedding date, so come back often. As of today, we live in a one bedroom apartment which I want to leave ASAP, but I would live anywhere to be with Troy. Anyway, thanks for reading about Troy and I and I hope you enjoyed it.

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