Line Launcher
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The line launcher is a handy tool which is a must-have for anyone who uses wire antennas.  It provides an easy way to mount the end of a wire antenna up into a tree.  It basically consists of a fishing reel mounted to a slingshot, which is a tried & true design.

The line launcher is used by first clicking the line release button on the fishing reel, then taking the fishing weight and shooting it over a tree with the slingshot.  A light support rope or heavy string is then tied to the end of the fishing line, and reeling the line in raises the support rope into the tree.  The end of the antenna wire is then raised up into the tree by the support rope, which is tied off at the base of the tree.

I used a large L bracket to mount both the reel and the slingshot, and used hose clamps to connect the slinghot & reel to the bracket.  The first incarnation of my line launcher used an old open-face spinning reel I had on hand, but every time I tried to use it it seemed that the fishing line would get caught up on something and the weight would break off when launched, sending it into oblivion.  I bought a new reel for the wife's fishing pole and used her old Zebco 33 for the line launcher, which works fine.  It's hard to beat the trusty old Zebco 33 reel for use as a line launcher.  The fishing weight is a 1/4 oz. lead casting weight that I painted with metallic silver paint to make it show up better in a tree or on the ground.  A brass casting weight, if polished, would be just as good.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is very important to use common sense and safety when using this device.  Make sure there are no people or houses on the other side of the tree you are trying to launch the line into.  The fishing weight may possibly break off the line and hit a window or person.  This device may also be considered a weapon, so use it discretely.  It may not be allowed in some state parks.