lembert dome great view of tuolumne meadows

dinner in carlsbad stopped off for some dinner on the way back from mexico

mandalay bay ready for a night out in vegas

mandalay bay ready to hit the pool

cheri's reception jan, jeff, frank, and kelly

yosemite group trip to tuolumne meadows

halloween 2003 mike and me

halloween 2003 eric rocks it with a red cup

halloween 2003 the four horsemen

rosarito to ensenada ride eric, mike, and carlos take a break

rosarito to ensenada ride celebrating at the finish line festival

2 hotties wendy and jan during mike and shannon's reception

2 hotties mike and joel in a bar...how odd...

memorial weekend 2003 the faceoff

memorial weekend 2003 the longest yard

disneyland jan, lovdip, and mel know just how small a world it can be

wildflower 2003 jan and jorge wondering when i'll come out of the water...

cocktails jan boozin' it up on the cruise

sequoia really big trees.

vegas the usual suspects having dinner at the monte carlo

sushi one of the few good restaurants in agoura....

s.f. trip me, al, and chip at we be sushi.

fishin' we will catch a fish here one day....

kelly mccue's it only took us a couple of years...

la jolla cyn checking out the la jolla canyon hike.

yosemite on the way to tuolumne falls.

3 amigos keegan, chip, and ferd on a trip to s.f.

roomies me and tony at downtown disney.

sc village jay, rey, al, and charlie take a break between games.(notice, no paint on any of them...)

speedzone here we are celebrating jason's b-day.

camacho's partying on jorge's b-day.

sucka g there's that funny hat again....

bull's tavern i had to burn my clothes after getting this shot

palo alto an interesting mix of people

miyagi's the girls on my birthday

miyagi's eric caught in the act

miyagi's another shot from my b-day

miyagi's mark, jen, and jorge

miyagi's you can tell this is earlier that night

miyagi's you can tell this is later that night

bleach is it supposed to burn like this?

archie our rabbit

tired eric still manages a smile while waiting for the rest of the group to show up.

vegas brandon tries to bond w/carlos in the lounge....

xmas '99 company xmas dinner.

xmas2 another shot from the company party.

more fishin' jorge and jamie @ the lake

the ladies sheila, roxann, and wendy looking cute for the camera.

miller starting the phoenix trip out right.

the race a happier group, before the van incident....

wildflower 99 this set of pics was from the last wildflower. it rained, it got sunny, it was cold at night. people got sick, keys were lost. another typical weekend for team PR!

wildflower 98 not too many pics in this set...

getty center photo session from the getty center museum. jan brought some of the FAI clan along for the ride. "i wonder where they keep the originals....?"

archives misc stuff that i'm too lazy to organize