*updated March 26*
Two Characters in Search of a Country Song by Suture
"Never Again" remains a source of speculation and fic inspiration five years later.  Here is a tough an realistic look at Scully's brief encounter with Ed Jerse.
Little Boy Blue by MsAM
A grim but skillfully rendered picture of Mulder's life on the run after leaving Scully and William.  Not for the tender-hearted.
Final Arrangements by Michelle Kiefer
Post Redux II, as Mulder brings Scully home from the hospital.  Some of the wounds haven't closed quite yet  Fine characterization.
The Provisional World by Buckingham
The Eye is back with a bunch of stories with lots of pizazz!  With real life running fairly smoothly these days, the Eye will attempt to update every other week.  Wish me luck!

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Fantastic, lyrical writing giving us a sympathetic look at Scully's world after she has succeeded in sending Mulder away.
One Night in Bangkok by Grimilkin
The characterization is casual here, but the zinging one-liners make this story well worth your time.  Snazzy look at Mulder/Krycek.
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