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If you have questions or any corrections or additions you can make to our page, we would like to hear from you. You are also welcome add your name to our list of Wright Researchers. Email us at the addresses below:

                                                        Benjamin Wright and Sarah Ann Ratliff

                                          Hiram Wright and Serena L Bowling

                                          John Wright and Mary Ann Bentley

                                                        Joel Martin and Susannah Wright


Nancy Wright Bays                       Patty May Brashear              


James Wright and Lilly May White                                              Web page: Bates Branches  

James Harrrison Wright and Seatta Baldridge              Jake Martin Adkins and Ritter Wright  

James Wright and Mary Polly Ingle                               Andrew J Wright and Nancy Bates

Joel Martin and Susannah Wright                             Samuel W Wright and Elizabeth Adams

                                                                                   Joel Martin and Susannah Wright




Wright Family Researchers

Here are some of our cousins that would enjoy hearing from you:

Nell Blumel 


     Adam Wright                                          Geraldine Wright May 

 Web page:  Wright Tidbits                                                                                  Christopher C Wright and Margie Mullins

JJoseph Wright and Melvenia Meade                                                              Samuel Wright and Manerva Fleming 

Joel Wright and Louanna Pitts                                                                                  Andrew Jackson Wright and Harriett Adams   

James Wright and Mary Polly Ingle                                                                                         Joel Martin and Susannah Wright

Joel Martin and Susannah Wright                                                      


 Margaret Case                   Bryan Griffith         Carolyn Mitchell             Becky Anderson     




Below are some of our favorite links  


Bates Branches

 Patty Brashear has an excellent page on the Bates Family, including a story and pictures about Martin VanBuren Bates, "The Mountain Giant"; the John Wallis Bates Family, story of Robert Bates. Many wonderful stories and pictures of the families and the area they lived, Fleming, Neon, Beefhide, McRoberts, Dunham, Pound Gap and many more.




 Wright Tidbits   

Adam Wright is now web master for this page and has made some great changes and additions. Lots of information on Wright's from various states. This page includes records of Wrights from various states and homelands. 



. Letha Berry's Potter Family page is one to put on your favorite list.  Study the Genealogy Of Abraham Potter Family.  Read the interesting account of Jesse James and his gang in Eastern Kentucky.

My Wright Family

An Ohio Wright family with more Wright links, lots of information.


Robert Fleming    

Robert Fleming, Felix Stambach & Connected Families.



Footprints Of Our Past

Contains a database of 65,000 Wrights and is an excellent source for Wright information.


Wright Connections

A Good collection of family history on  George Wright Sr. b. ca 1700 and his wife Susannah ; Jacob Wright, b. ca 1730 and his wife is wife, Elizabeth;  William Wright b. 1776 and wife Frances Campbell;  Philemon W Wright b. 1903  and wife Charity Granville;  Lafayette Wright, b. 1827 and wife Esther.

Samuel Wright born 1729, Castleshane, Co. Monaghan, Ireland, married Gertrude Wierman / Wireman; Joseph Wright born 13-Jan-1731, Castleshane, Co. Monaghan, Ireland, married Mary Farquhar,



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