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The zip file is 1.97 Mb

If the download process stalls, then please try one of the following three solutions.

  • Download from an alternative site.

  • The large WINE.ZIP file has been divided into three smaller parts: WINE1.ZIP, WINE2.ZIP, and WINE3.ZIP. It may be easier for people connecting to the internet via a modem to download the three smaller files. If you are trying this method of obtaining the Wine Cellar software, then you must download ALL THREE zip files and unzip each into a common folder. Click here to try this option.

  • As an alternative to downloading from this page, you may send me your e-mail address using the form below. Specifically state that you would like the Wine Cellar Management software sent to you. I will send a return e-mail with the WINE.ZIP file attached. After saving the attached zip file on your hard disk, installation of the Wine Cellar program should continue at the second step described in the installation instructions.


    [Download WinZip]