LeeAnn Rimes


At the age 14, She became a country music Superstar! She has already racked up Grammys, and various other prestigious awards. Her first album was a tremendous success. The hit song Blue won a number one hit and made people really notice her. Other song released from her debut album, Blue, One Way Ticket (Because I Can) was also tremendously popular. From there she went on to release The Light In Your Eyes. At only 14, LeeAnn seems to be wise beyond her years. She doesn't look or act like she is only 14 but that could be due to the fact she has been in the business since she was 6 or 7 years old. Most people are beginning to realize that LeeAnn's success has as much to do with her great voice as it does with her age. After the success of her first album, LeeAnn released another album titled Unchained Melody, The Early Years. The songs on this album were recorded when LeeAnn was only 12. This album features old hit songs, such as Unchained Melody and I Will Always Love You.

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