My favourite country bands

From England

Some of my favourite country bands are the ones which play at my local country music club (see link below).

Cambridge Country Music Club (my local club)

Some of my favourite bands have home pages too, so you will find some infrmation about them along with there links on this page.

Tenessee Whiskey:-

Bob and his band are one of the nicest going, playing for there audience bringing a great evening everywhere they go, there bubbly personalities and sence of humor are an asset to any club.


Another favourite of mine, a three piece band singing both up to date country and the older songs, they all have a super sence of humour and fantastic musical tallents.

Rivendel Country
One of the best duo;s going, Denise and Graham Walker bring superb music to every club they enter, singing old and new country, fast and slow. They are always bubbly and chearful on stage, and cannot be faulted for thier profesional attitude to their work. I personally think they're the best on the circuit singing many of my favourite songs, 'Ribbon of highway', 'You needed me' and 'he holds the bottle'

Raymond Froggatt

A true favourite of many country music fans, crowds follow him where ever he goes, giving a totally different meaning to country music, singing with such true feeling and expression that even the line dancers will just sit and listen.

Speed Limit

Angie and Tony are one of the nicest couples going, making friends within all the clubs they play, they hve a wide variety of country music, including a favourite of mine, "Don't tell me what to do" and 'Special absent friends'.

The Renegade:-

A wonderful act, what more can I say, he has a superb voice, singing some fantastic country music. He is lovely to sirt and listen to and to line dance too. his sight is worth a look, and it's certainly worth making the effort to go and see him live


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