Some of My Favorite Internet sites


Dance or Die
with Max Perry, World reknowned choreographer/instruction
Country Dancers' Network
A neat lady has this sight that has done some great choreography!
Country dances by Finnish choreographers
Dancin Down Under!
Country Western Dance Library
Country & Western Dancing With Debbie & Jeff
Cyber Steps
"Dancin' Around"
Denim, Boots and Good Times
Listing of directory: /ldarchives
Parish Country Dancing
with two of our favorite people, Dale and Jackie Parish
Country Western Dance Library
Boot Scootin' Country Ring
If you have a webpage, be sure to join the Boot Scootin' Ring!
The Information Super Dance Floor
One of the best Webpages for finding Dance Descriptions!
Take a minute to thank this great guy for all his work!

Net Parlor
Dancing With Pete & Julia


Electronic Cards, Nice Gifts and Flowers for Purchase on the Net

Need to motivate someone or to keep in touch with old friends.
Just think you can send a postcard through cyberspace.
Hey, why not, you don't need stamps!

123 Greetings Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Choose from over 200 Different Cards & Occasions. And it's FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE.
1 Virtual Place Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
You can order a gift to send along with the free card for many occasions
1st Source E-cards Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Shockwave needed at this site. Click and download it there!
21st Century Greeting Card, one free card a month Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Various Cards plus you can put up a Christmas Webpage for a small cost to wish everyone a Merry Christmas on the Internet!
3 D Greeting Cards Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Great Selection of E-Cards that stay on line for up to two weeks!
96X Goes Postal Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Nice little E-Card Page
AAN CyberCard Center Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Abalone Greetings Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
There is a cost for these cards. Everything in life isn't free..sigh!
ABC Greeting Artist Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Mostly Winter Cards on this page!
About Work Postal Card Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Cute Postcards
Adobe Trading Post,New Mexico Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
You can send you cards in many languages
AdOnWeb™'s EnviroCards Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Great cards with large variety!
Advertising Source Online, Digital Postcards Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Create your own Card
E-BOUQUET Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Great Little Place to Send E-Flowers
Live Flowers Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Both Free and Virtual Flowers (Note: This is a new address for their site)
StarNet Flower Delivery Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
This site even finds a 'Love' quote for you when you are at a loss for words
Send a Virtual Bouquet Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Extremely busy on this site, may take several tries
Shawna's Virtual Flower Shop Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
I really like this site..not only virtual flowers, but lots of midi's to personalize even more
Send a Virtual Florist Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Yet another neat virtual florist
Virtual Florist and Gifts HomepageVerified Valid URL 5/29/97
Large selection of Bouquets to chose from!
Chocolate Chooser Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Pick out your favorites and email a Virtual Box of Candy..Who knows..maybe they will share
Mail A Meal - Gourmet PostcardsVerified Valid URL 5/29/97
Show that special someone the kind of meal you would like to share with them in the form of a Electonic Card
Send a Sundae Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Create your sundae and send it to someone who is as sweet as the ice cream...
Baskin Robbins E-cakes Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
E-Cakes with interactive graphics and sound, you will need to
download Macromedia's Shockwave plug-in!

Send an Omelette Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Select the items you would like to have on your Omelette then E-mail it
to anyone you would like! NO special occasion needed for this one!

Budweiser Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Email a little of the "Great Outdoors from here!
Heineken E-cards Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Heineken Beer gives you a chance to see free E-cards from their site!
Miller Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
"To me, sending a Beer-a-gram to a friend means saying 'I love U' without saying 'I love U'!"
Shiner Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Send a virtual Shiner Bock beer to
someone on the net!
The Dugout - Baseball E-cards Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Send One To a Friend, Lover, or Boss. Makes a great gift and IT'S
Major League Soccer Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Got someone that really loves soccer, you will find cards for them here!
Oaklawn Jockey Club Postcards Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Oaklawn Jockey Club for those that like horses!
Planet Reebok Postcard Message Center Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Planet Reebok's Digital Postcards are here
for you, so send them as many times as you want.
Redsox Postcards Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Drop your pal a line from the Redsox!
Spring Training Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Just as it says..a card from Spring Training..
Unicards Sports Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
(Various sports) and Logo's
KMMC - Multimedia Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Create your own personalized multimedia greeting cards for all occasions and
send them by e-mail.
Send Virtual Abuse Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
A totally obnoxious Card Site..I don't have anyone I dislike that much..but here it is anyway!
Send a "Barbie" Postcard Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Very slow and busy site, but cute cards! Send a Barbie CollectiblesTM electronic postcard
to someone you care about!
Send Beanie Hugs" Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Send that someone special some Beanie Hugs!
Choose from several different styles for oodles of different occasions!!!
Send a "Cow Kiss" Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Have you ever wanted to let someone know how you feel about them, but just didn't quite know
what to say? Just send them a cow kiss..who knows..Bullet the Cow might give them a kiss on the lips!
Send a Cyber Hug! Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Lovvahuggasnuggleysoppy hugorama form email cards!
Send a CyBear Gram Verified Valid URL 5/29/97Very Cute!
Choose the Teddy Bear you'd like to send
Send a Cigar Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Yep..really of cigars your can email!
Send a "Date" from CyberGlamour Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Send a cyberglamour date to one of your friends!
Send a "Dog-o-gram" Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Send Something from the Dumpster Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Jump in and see what you can dredge up.
Send a HATE-GRAM Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Send a customized personal HATE-GRAM to that special (or not-so-special) someone
Send Hugs and Kisses Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Send a hug or a kiss over the Internet!
Send a KISS Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Remember the act of kissing your hand, taking a big breath and carefully blowing that special gift across a room,
watching it gently float and land on the lips of someone you love? ...For the Ultimate Surprise!
"The Send A Kiss Message"
Send a Movie e-card - ANIM-E-CARD Center Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Send a Tizer (hum...quite interesting) Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
These cans of Tizer are just bursting to get out. You can set one
free by sending one to a friend with a message of your choice.
Send a "Virtual Present" Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Send any image as a Virtual Present - Virtual Presents is a fun website for sending
Free Virtual Presents as postcards to friends in cyberspace.
Send a Virtual Vacation Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Do you know someone who is tense? stressed out? tired? too busy? ormaybe has just had it up to here?
Do you wish you could send them a little slice of freedom from the blues?
If your answer is yes, you've landed in the perfect place!
Send a Voodoo Doll (Netscape 2.0+ required) Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
E-mail a Virtual Design Voodoo Doll now! Lotsa Jave Scripting here!
AdOnWeb's Enviro Birthday Cards Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
collection of birthday cards
Asia Travel Birthday Cards Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Choose a Birthday Card for your friend or someone special !.... to show you care .....
Awesome Cyber Cards Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Is there an important birthday just around the corner?Make an awesome "cyber" birthday card.
BC Yellow Pages - Birthday Cards Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Send A Virtual Birthday Card
Birthdays Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Nothing but Birthday cards here!
Blue Mountain Arts Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Musical Electronic Greething Cards!
CCC Post Office: Birthday Card Collection Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Current service includes composition and sending of your personalized digital card
Choose Your E-card Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Great selection to chose from..I like this site!
Cyber Greetings - Birthday Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Is someone you know having a birthday? One of these cards is sure to fit the bill.
The Edge Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Choose whichever card you fancy & write your Personalised Message to your loved ones or friends.
Family Planet House of Cards: Happy Birthday Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Because you care, and they're free.
Free Animated Birthday Cards Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Birthdays Are Special Days
PBS Birthday Cyber Greeting
Imagine the surprise of your family and friends when you remember their birthday with a personalized
PBS cyber greeting.
Viet San Diego Online Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Send an electronic Birthday card, pick a card, write your message ( which can include link and image)
and send it off.
WeB Card
Select a card from our year round classic collection
Electronic Postcards From Around The WorldVerified Valid URL 5/29/97
(HUGE!..but very nicely organized. The "BEST" and "ORIGINAL"!)
Shockcard Server (Shockwave PlugIn reguired) Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Nice Little Variety!
123 Greetings Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Send Cards to Friends & Family all over the world. Choose from over 200 Different Cards & Occasions.
1 vplace: Card Shop Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
The postcards are free, so enjoy!
AdOnWeb's EnviroCards Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Our FREE online greeting cards contain animations, graphics, and sounds which were created by
a talented group of Graphic Artists. To hear the sound you must be running Netscape 3.0 and
have a sound card.
Ambergris Caye, Belize Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Digital Postcards & Virtual Flowers
Animated Card Service Verified Valid URL 5/29/97
Have you forgotten someone's birthday, wedding anniversary or
graduation, or do you simply want to say thank-you to that special person? And don't forget national
celebrations such as Christmas, Easter and of course, Valentines Day!
Animated Electronic Greeting Cards (MIG Home)
Aloha from Hawaii
Alpha Bloody Postcards
Aphrodite's Love Palace Valentines Day Cards
Aquanet's PostCard Service
Art à deux, Ltée Electronic Greetings
Asia Connect Post Office
Asiatravel Postcards
Astrological Cards
AT&T's IndiaHorizons Postcards
Awesome Cyber Cards!
Baha'i WebCard
Berenger Vineyards E-Cards
Beautiful Woman Post Cards!
*Be Mine* Greetings
Blueberry Post-a-Card
Blue Mountain Arts' Electronic Greeting Cards
Bonnie's Home on the Web - Greeting Cards
Branson, Missouri - online postcards
Bulldog Postcards
Byte Size Greetings
Bytesize Greetings Cardshop
Christmas Cards
Carlsberg C-mail
Chronicle Books: Electronic Postcards
Car Talk Postcards
Chinese Cyber City Postcards
Chinese New Year Cards
Coca Cola E-Cards
yes...same name different URLs
Corvette Postcards from the Web
Of course another fav of mine!
(Java enabled)
Cuervo Gold
CyberCard Center
Cyber Greetings
CyberSpace Postcard
CyberZoo Post Cards
The Cyrano Server
Daily Diversions
Daimonix Raw Art Cards
Dear Valentine
Digital Postcards
The Digital Postcard
Digital Hug
Dogs of Soho
Durban Expericance
Earthvision Postcards
Eerie E-Mail
E-Cards - Wildlife Postcards for the Internet
Every E-Card you send contributes to the World Wildlife Fund.
E-Card Center
The E-card Shop
Electric Greetings
Electronic Greeting Card
Electronic Postcards from Nova Scotia
Electronic Postcard Rack
Electric Cardiogram
The Electric Postcard
Electric Postcards, (Syracuse)
Energizer's "Send Somebunny an Electric Greeting"
Elvis Slept Here
(Eskimo)Joe's Post Office!
Familie&Co Online
(Postcards in both German and English)
Family Planet House of Cards
FastCards (baseball related)
Felix E-mail Cards
Ferrari Postcards
Flash Cards (The Main Quad)
Fox Postcards
Forever Friends Electronic Greeting Card Service
Freeway Enterprises Greeting Cards
Gator Post Cards(U of Fla)
Geekgirl Postcards
Guinness Webcards
GNN's Electric Cardiograms
Go-Card Gratis Postkort
Greethings (cartoonist)
Greetings From Malibu
Gund Greeting
Hag Samehach (Jewish Holidays)
Hallmark Connections
Handsome Hunks
Healself Holistic Greeting Cards
High Sonoran Adventures Postcards
Home-Ed Kids E-cards
House of Cards
Hungry Mind Review Postcards
Infiniti of Beverly Hills Post Office
Infobahn Greetings
Internet Greeting Cards
The Internote
Jewish New Year
Joe Boxer (Mens Underwear Comp)
Jolly Rancher E-Postcards! (candy co.)
Just-So Literary Postcards
Postcards from Kellogg
Kentucky Postcards
Kimon O'Gram
Kodal Digital Science Picture Postcard
Kodal's Picture This - Postcards
Life's Little Instruction Book
Lion King Personalized Postcard
Major League Soccer Electronic Postcards
Martin's Electronic Postcard Store
Mass Mail Greeting Card Centre (Send to multi e-mail accounts)
Mountain Travel Sobek Postcards
Mount Vernon Electronic Trading Card
Mr. Showbiz Postcards
Multimedia Greeting Cards
National Geophysical Data Center Postcards
Net Dreams
NET Party Cards
Netherlands (De Electronische Postcard)
Netshack Postkort
Net Toob Video Postcards
New Jersey Greeting Card Generator
New York City E-Mail Postcards
NOTAM's Post Office
OgAbe's Home Cave Electric Postcards Branch
Old Montana Virtual West Postcards
On-Line Animated Greeting Cards
Optimizms Electronic Post Cards
Orange Tree Postcards
Outdoor Adventure River Specialist Postcards
The Pad
Panda Postcards
The Park
Parsons Tech Card Shop
Passion and Postcards
Photosnap Electronic Postcard from Hawaii
Pier 21 Virtual Postcards
Pixelmotion Cards
Planet Hollywood Postcards
Postcards from DIVA
The Postcard Shop
Post Cards At Shambhala Publications
Post Office in Chinese Cyber City
Postcards From Hawaii
Postcards From from the Pacific
Postcards from the Edge of America
Postkarten aus Nurnberg
Potiedaia P.O.: Xena Postcards
Preview Vacations' Postcards
Prince Edward Island Greeting Card Centre
PromoGrafika - Postcards
Proweb Internet Postcard Service
Public Broadcasting Service Postcards
QTI Electronics' Send a Postcard
Regards.Com - electronic greeting cards
The RETRO Card Rack
Rick Dees Digital Postcards
Riffnet Postcards
Roxane Pain Institute Internet Postcard
Royal Caribbean E-Cards
SaigonNet Greeting Card Center
SALAM Indonesian WebPostcard Service
Scotch Postcards
Seattle Postcards
Shakespeare By The Sea Postcards
Seattle Postcards - Musicians
Sporting Adventures Post Card
Stan's RailPix Cards
Stoli (Vodka) Notes
Tabloid Trash Postcards
Texas Postcard Gallery
"That Thing You Do" Postcards
TREK Bikes - Postcards
Tourism Nanaimo Post Office
TV Guide Classic Cover Gallery (postcards site #1)
TV Guide Classic Cover Gallery (postcards site #2)
Ujang's Electronic Postcard
Ultimate Frisbee Postcards
US Robotics - Postcards
Utah! Postcards
PostOffice/Create A Card (Virginia)
UIP Moviemail Verified URL 5/29/97
The person you email this to will need Quick Time Installed!
Uwn Electronic Greeting Card (religious)
USA Greetings
Large selection!
Virginal Tech Electronic Postcard
Virtual Churchill Postcard Gallery
Virtual West-Well's Fargo
Viet San Diego Online
Wacky Postcards @
Warner Brothers Postoffice
Waquar's Internet Card Service
Web13's Unchewable Postcards
WebSEEk Postcards
Womens Link Web Cards
World of Cards






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Most Saturady and Sunday's you will find us gathered around the Television Watching the Nasar Series, both Busch and Winston Cup. I have like Dale Jarrettfor a long time, My husband roots for Dale Earnheardt. A lot in common there..both "The Intimidator", the other, "The Dominator"

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