Fill 'er up!

    Food and Music go hand in hand,
    It takes a lot to feed the band.
    They boost morale and soothe the soul,
    And make the Fiddle Goddess whole.

Have another bonbon?

    Dark chocolate treats, the sin sublime,
    tempt both the mortal and divine,
    Be they filled or plain, with nuts or creams,
    'Twould satisfy the hungering Goddess's dreams.

Oooo, yummy!

    Pasta, Oh pasta! the straight and the curl,
    Alfredo or pesto puts us in a whirl!
    Slathered in sauce, no gluttony's so fine,
    When you wash it all down with a glass of dry wine.

Have another glass, Adonis?

    At Mount Olympus the Gods surely dine
    Upon dishes of pasta, chocolates, and wine,
    Sacredly stuffing themselves without measure,
    Celestial appetites brim full of pleasure.

Squeeze me, tighter!

    But sadly, on Earth, when one eats with abandon,
    Certainly gaining much more than we planned on,
    Resigned, we sigh, it's no use to force it,
    It's time to go forth and buy us a corset...

This Chocoholics Unite! site is owned by:
The Fiddle Goddesses.

Are you a chocoholic too? Join us!

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