How to Discover a Biocentric Cosmological Principle

The contets of this website are based on the sequence of events that lead to the discovery of this theory, which have been documented in the Cornell archives as this bewildering coincidence unfolded for me within the theoretical physics research group that is linked throughout this site. The discovery was made when research involving two seemingly unrelated discoveries came together to produce a single theory that links evolutionary theory to the evolutionary process of the universe via the force constants of nature.

1) A small inconsistency was discovered concerning the the effects of real particle pair production on the gravity of the universe:

2) And then, in a separate and apparently unrelated discussion, it was noted that an entropic interpretation of the anthropic principle is most natural in an expanding universe, since this predominant tendency is the most apparently plausible grand scale expression for "purpose" in nature.

Any universal scale entropic favoritism toward humans must take this into consideration, where human "attributes" are necessarily manifestations of the increasing entropic need in a less than perfect world, so that our ability to influence the entropy of the universe becomes significant in context with these most fundamental points.

Both discoveries came together in another discussion about the anthropic principle:

And then, all-hell broke loose for me after that, as these two simple discoveries came together to become one:

Dirac's Sea, OOPS!!
Anthropic Principle
Dirac's Sea, OOPS!!

"They" said that Paul Adrian Maurice Dirac had the 'purist soul in physics'... for his "self-honesty", and the importance of unbiased observations is made quite apparent by the manner in which the pieces to this puzzle fell innocently into place. I can only say with fair certainty that that nobody harboring preconceived prejudice could have thought to put this together, as this assertion is strongly supported by the demonstrated willful ignorance by the ideologically motivated on both sides of the Creation/Evolution debate.

Table of Contents:

The following is color coded in terms of difficulty. Red is the most difficult, rather, it represents the higher level of physics at this site... in layman's terms. Green is the easiest to understand, but is more subject to misinterpretation by individuals that don't really understand the physics behind the layman's terminology. Blue is a little less difficult that Red, and Black has no link back to this site, but is highly reccommended reading.


A Valid Natural Design Hypothesis

The Entropic Anthropic Principle

Anthropic Bias and Observational Selection Effects

Timeline of Cosmology and the Anthropic Cosmological Principle

Our Blue-Collar Universe

The Next BigBang
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.. b) .....Antimatter, Feynman Diagram, Gravity, Dirac's Large Numbers

Dirac's Large Numbers

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