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Amy Fairchild
Fancy Trash  -  column by Dave Madeloni
Mimi Farina
Fat  -  column by Sheryl Hunter
Melissa Ferrick
Anand Nayak & Polly Fiveash,  Matt Hebert  -  column by Dave Madeloni
Fools  -  capsule concert review by Luanne
Forty Words for Fear cd  by Madison Smartt Bell and Wyn Cooper Stephen Collins Foster  -  review by Alan Lewis of the Beautiful Dreamer tribute album
Jeffrey Foucault Four Sticks  (Led Zeppelin tribute band)  -  capsule concert review by Luanne
Amy Fox
Fox Pass
Jeanne French's Mean Man Blues cd
From Spirituals to Swing

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Instruments: banjo, banjo player, acoustic bass, electric bass, string bass, upright bass, bass player, bassist, dobro player, drummer, drums, fiddle, fiddle player, fiddler, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, guitar player, guitarist, harmonica, harp, keyboardist, keyboards, mandolin, mandolinist, multi-instrumentalist, organ, organist, percussion, percussionist, pianist, piano, piano player, saxophone, saxophonist, singer, songwriter, pedal steel guitar, pedal steel guitarist, synthesizer, violin, violinist, vocals, vocalist. States: Connecticut, Conn, CT, Maine, ME, Massachusetts, Mass, MA, New Hampshire, N.H., NH, Rhode Island, R.I., RI, Vermont, VT. Styles, genres: alt folk, alternative folk, alt country, alternative country, alt rock, alternative rock, bluegrass, country and western, country music, country rock, country-rock, country western, folk singer songwriter, folk singer-songwriter, fusion, jazz, rhythm and blues, rhythm n blues, rock and roll, rock n roll, roots music, roots rock, roots-rock, string band, stringband, swing band. AMY FAIRCHILD: "Amy Fairchild Live" (CD, So Fair Music, 2004). Amy Fairchild Band: Dave Mattacks, Jeff St Pierre, Adam Steinberg. FANCY TRASH: Northampton Massachusetts. MIMI FARINA: Mimi Baez, Mimi and Richard Farina, Richard and Mimi Farina. FAT: Bill Benjamin, Bill "Benjie" Benjamin, William Benjamin, Michael Benson, Guy De Vito, Guy DeVito, Jim Kaminski, Christopher Newland, Peter Newland. Index: Dream Merchant Records, RCA Records, Route 63 Roadhouse in Millers Falls. AMY FOX: "From the Underbelly" (CD, Affectagious AFJ9902, 2001). FORTY WORDS FOR FEAR: Allston, Scott Beal, Black Cat, Blue Nun, Jim Brock, Estelle Cheatham, Chris, Kurt Cobain and his Nirvana song Lithium, Sheryl Crow and All I Wanna Do, Don Dixon, Mitch Easter, 40 Words for Fear, Gaff Music, The Here Below, Horses Run Fast, Stella Houston, Jesse (Melungeon), John Keats and negative capability, Melissa, Northampton Mass., Northampton Massachusetts, On Eight Mile, On 8 Mile, Perry, Room Full of Tears, Roomful of Tears, Three Wrongs, Too Late, Vergennes Vermont, Vergennes VT, Wendell, Willard; Anything Goes (New York: Pantheon, 2002), Forty Words for Fear (CD, Gaff 6036, 2003), Songs from Anything Goes (CD, Random House/Pantheon, 2002), The Way Back (Buffalo, New York: White Pine, 2000). STEPHEN FOSTER: "Beautiful Dreamer: The Songs of Stephen Foster" (CD, American Roots Publishing 591594-2, 2004). Stephen C Foster. CD Baby, Paste magazine, Signature Sounds Recordings. GENERAL: Brattleboro Reformer, Brattleboro Vermont, Brattleboro VT, John Hammond Sr., John Hammond Senior, David Madeloni, NEMS, New England Music Scrapbook Newsletter. Table of Contents: F