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Barry Tashian & Vern Miller
of the Remains

Welcome to the New England Music Scrapbook.  This site includes profiles, articles, and reviews of music acts -- past and present -- that are based in New England, got their start here, or are otherwise connected with some part of the six New England states.  Recently, though, our newsletter has engaged most of our time; and it has mainly to do with contemporary styles and current performers.

This is a non-commercial, all-volunteer, not-for-profit enterprise.  We work as a team, and we could easily and gladly find room for more team members.

Our original site came online in the fall of 2000, but it never really caught on.  Before that, we published a short-lived e-mail newsletter.  Our organization was reborn under the new name, the New England Music Scrapbook, on or around April 1, 2001; and by June, we were seeing the first signs of a small but growing readership.  Lots of our early pages are still posted here, and it's worth knowing that I didn't use page-building software to put them together.  I didn't even use a computer.  I built maybe 200 pages from the catalog terminals at our town's public library.  So the visitor shouldn't be surprised to find some quite-primitive pages, here and there.  It should add to the sense of adventure.

The New England Music Scrapbook became a team enterprise in 2002.

In 2003, we launched our free e-mail newsletter, which has since become our main feature.  Nearly everything we do these days goes into our newsletter, and our emphasis is very heavily on new music.  The easiest way to sample our newsletter is to visit

The visitor should find links to the latest four or five newsletter issues.  There is a "View All" switch after the "Most Recent Messages" heading which provides for the showing of links to more past issues.

For all practical purposes, our NEMS newsletter's Yahoo Groups home page has effectively become this organization's functioning home page.  This did not happen by design:  it is just the drift of things.

The time we have available to spend on this operation has its limits.  So there are always many additions, revisions, and visual spruce-ups that we'd like to do but that aren't going to happen anytime soon.  It's just the way it is.

Our pages are organized alphabetically when possible.  A navigation bar appears at the bottom of our pages.  We hope you enjoy browsing through the New England Music Scrapbook and that finding your way around proves to be reasonably easy.  If you get a chance, please let us know what you think.


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