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Jimmy Packard,  84  (James E. Packard, Jr.)  -  obituary
Paperbacks  -  column by Dave Madeloni
Jenny Paquette and North Country
Robert B. Parker
Back Story  -  book review by Alan Lewis
  • a Spenser novel
Stone Cold  -  book review by Alan Lewis
  • a Jesse Stone novel
Ben Patton's  Here's the Good News Album  -  profile & record review by Alan Lewis
Ellis Paul's  American Jukebox Fables  -  record review by Alan Lewis
Mieka Pauley Phelony Phil  -  appreciation by Fred Pineau
Edna Jean Philbrick
Pine Island  -  feature article by Robert Resnik
Pinhead  -  July 2005 Mark Spencer feature article by Alan Lewis
Gene Pitney
Plump  -  capsule profile by Sheryl Hunter
Rose Polenzani  -  column by Dave Madeloni
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals Jon Pousette-Dart
Philip Price  (ex-Maggies)  -  column by Dave Madeloni
Private Lightning

James Prosek and Joe Dochtermann's  Love for a Dollar cd  -  record review by Alan Lewis

Puff  (descended from the Rockin' Ramrods)

Queen City Rock

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Instruments: banjo, banjo player, acoustic bass, electric bass, string bass, upright bass, bass player, bassist, dobro player, drummer, drums, fiddle, fiddle player, fiddler, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, guitar player, guitarist, harmonica, harp, keyboardist, keyboards, mandolin, mandolinist, multi-instrumentalist, organ, organist, percussion, percussionist, pianist, piano, piano player, saxophone, saxophonist, singer, songwriter, pedal steel guitar, pedal steel guitarist, synthesizer, violin, violinist, vocals, vocalist. States: Connecticut, Conn, CT, Maine, ME, Massachusetts, Mass, MA, New Hampshire, N.H., NH, Rhode Island, R.I., RI, Vermont, VT. Styles, genres: alt folk, alternative folk, alt country, alternative country, alt rock, alternative rock, bluegrass, country and western, country music, country rock, country-rock, country western, folk singer songwriter, folk singer-songwriter, fusion, jazz, rhythm and blues, rhythm n blues, rock and roll, rock n roll, roots music, roots rock, roots-rock, string band, stringband, swing band. THE ATTIC TAPES: Various Artists, "The Attic Tapes" (cassette, Burlingtown CLP-1004, 1984). Index: Burlingtown label, Burlingtown Recordings, Burlingtown Records, Burlingtown Special Edition. THE JIMMY PACKARD BAND: James Packard, the Jimmy Packard Orchestra, Wilder Vermont. ROBERT B. PARKER : "Back Story" (New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 2003). Index: Dread Scott Brigade, Paul Giacomin, Emily Gordon, Hawk, Vinnie Morris, Paradise Massachusetts near Marblehead, Pearl the Wonder Dog II, Daryl Silver, Boston detective Spenser the detective. "Stone Cold" (New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 2003). A Jesse Stone novel. Paradise Massachusetts Chief of Police. MIEKA PAULEY: "Companion to a King". Mieka Paulie, Mieka Pauly, Mieka Polly. PHELONY PHIL: The Kenmores, Philip M. Suarez, Philip Suarez. PINE ISLAND: David Gusakov, Chris Lee, Susan Longaker, Dan Mahoney, Jim McGinniss, Tim McKenzie, the Pine Island String Band, the Pine Island Stringband, Jim Ryan, Jimmy Ryan, Gordon Stone. PINHEAD: "Where Are You?" (12" EP, BSharp Records BSR 0002-08-83, n.d. [1983]). Index: Tor Borgstrom (vocals, guitar), Bill Kinzie (drums), Doug Knapp (vocals, harmonica), Jeff Spencer (vocals, bass guitar), Mark Spencer (vocals, guitar, keyboards, percussion, casio screams). GRACE POTTER AND THE NOCTURNALS: "Original Soul" (CD, www.gracepotter.com GPMOSO4, 2004), (CD, www.gracepotter.com GPM0S04, 2004). Grace Potter and the Nocturnals: Courtright Beard, Matthew Cado Burr, Scott Tournet. Matthew Burr, Matt Burr, Jen Crowell, Chuck Eller, Tammy Fletcher and the Disciples, Sandra Wright. PHILIP PRICE: Brattleboro Vermont, Chris Collingwood, the Gay Potatoes, Honey in the Chemicals (a screenplay) (CD, Listen Here Records, 2003), the Maggies of the Pioneer Valley, Brain Marchese, Brian Marchese, Northampton Massachusetts, Henning Ohlenbush, 13 Songs For Right Now (CD, 2002), Thirteen Songs for Right Now. THE TROUTBAND: Love for a Dollar (CD, Troutband Productions, 2003). Index: All Wet (CD, 1999), Bar Maids in Heaven, Barmaids in Heaven, Connecticut, Mission on the Ground, Not Suited for Anthems, Saturday Night in the City, Sitting in Limbo by Jimmy Cliff, the Trout Band, Yale University. The Boston Globe, CD Baby, Paste magazine, Signature Sounds Recordings. The Brattleboro Reformer Brattleboro Vermont, NEMS, New England Music Scrapbook newsletter, Heartless and Cruel b/w Married Man (Edna Jean). Table of Contents: P-Q