Sailor Moon Says
Episode 1: A Moon Star Is Born
Sometimes the hardest thing in the world is believing in yourself,especially when your grades he..less than stellar, or you're kinda clumsy. But you never know what the real you can do. Set your mind and heart on it and anything is possible.
Episode 2: Talk Radio
Daydreams are nice, especially the ones Daydreams are cool alright. But just don't forget about the here and now. The time you spend daydreaming, you could be out making your dreams come true.
Episode 3: Slim City
Exercising till you drop is not a smart way to lose weight! Like a car without gas, our bodies can't run without food.
Luna: Good, nutritional food.
If you think you need to lose weight, talk to someone who really knows, like a doctor. It could save your life! And please remember, real beauty does come from inside.
Episode 4: So You Want To Be A Superstar
It's fun imagining being a movie star, or a rock and roll idol. All that attention, money, and fame. But it's no good trying to be someone you're not. What make a real star isn't about fame or money, but being the best person you can be, and feeling good about yourself. Be a star in your own light. That's where it really counts. Right Luna?
Luna: You said it! Now if you'd only practiced what you preach, Serena
Episode 5: Computer School Blues
School. What a nuisance!
Amy: My friend Serena thinks school is a drag. But learning can be fun! And having a good education is a great way to give yourself the best start for the rest of your life. I'm going to work on Serena's study habits. How about working on yours too, like doing homework befor watching TV or reading comic books. And if you want to be alert and ready to learn, get a good-night's sleep and eat the right foods.
Food?! Did someone say food?!
Amy: Give school a chance. Give your future a chance.
Episode 6: Time Bomb
I like to do things fast and get them over with, like homework. But that's how you make mistakes. Patience doesn't come easy, I know
Amy: Slow down, take your time and do it with care. It takes less time to do it right than doing it fast and having to do it over again.
Luna: So when are you going to apply this principle to your eating habits?
Slow down eating? You've got to be kidding!
Episode 7: An Uncharmed Life
Today, we saw buses vanish into thin air. Too bad we can't do the same witgh all the smog buses, cars, and trucks cause. We may be just kids, but we can help. Encourage your parents and friends to carpool or to use public transportation. It'll help save the air we breathe. And then treat yourself to something really delicous.
Luna: Okay, so she can't walk and eat at the same time. cream!
Episode 8: Nightmare in Dreamland
It's so cool knowing that I saved the day.
Raye: You? With that tiny little frizbee? My fireballs are what defeated that monster!
My frizbee against your silly fireballs anytime,anywhere!
Amy: Neither of you defeated her.
Amy: We all did. With teamwork!
Luna: Now, if you could just keep that teamwork going all the time, hmmm?
Episode 9: Cruise Blues
I clashed with Jedite in battle over and over again. And today, I got taken in by his cool eyes and that deep, rich voice, and really cute curls.
Luna: Serena!
Alright, alright! The point is, no matter who you are guy or girl, don't settle for someone who treats you badly.
Raye: Someone may be cute, but if that someone hurts you in any way or makes you feel bad about yourself, it's time to move on.
You deserve the best! Don't you settle for less!
Episode 10: Fight to the Finish
People say life is tough, but that doesn't mean you let yourself get walked on.
Ami: Exercise your body and challenge your mind to be the best you can be.
Raye: Know what you ant and go for it!
You're right. Plan to be your personal best. I'm gonna go for a milkshake!
Luna: Can't say she doesn't know what she wants.
Episode 11: Match Point for Sailor Moon
It's hard to be brave, I know. But there are lots more ways to be bravce than fighting monsters from the Negaverse, like telling the truth when it really matters. Or standing up for someone who's totally geeked out in embarrassment. Or doing what's right when you know it's not anything you wanna do.
Luna: Mmmm...Like doing that homework that's been stacking up on your bed?
Homework? Heroic? No way!!
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