421 by Mathieu Proulx

Date : April 2002

This is probably the first and only dices game for the ColecoVision game system.

1 or 2 players

No Download for now!


Amazing Snake beta version 5 by Serge-Éric Tremblay

Date : February 23th 2001

You are a snake and you have to eat all the apples. Tips: Never touch the walls.

1 or 2 players

Download : Amazing Snake Beta 5 23-02-2001

Bejeweled by Daniel Bienvenu

Date : April 12th 2001

A friend of mine dare me to do a ColecoVision version of the popular on-line puzzle game Bejeweled. I think this version is the first one for a game system. Go see the original version of Bejeweled here or the "Diamond Mine" variation here.

1 player

Download : Bejeweled 12-04-2001 - one skill level only

Visit the New ColecoVision Bejeweled web page for more informations and the lastest version of this game.


Breakout by Daniel Bienvenu

Date : February 2nd, 1999

First new Coleco game in year 1999. This game is a classic balls and bricks type game. There is some bugs in this game. An error in the algorithe does the ball doing huge hole in the bricks wall. A bug-fixed version exist in the Air Battle demo.

Double Breakout is the first ColecoVision game in year 2001 and is playable with the roller controller, the driving module or a paddle. Three games in one : Breakout 1, Breakout 2 and the bonus game DACPONG.

1 player

Download : Breakout 02-02-1999

For more informations about Double Breakout, go here Double Breakout Homepage.

Download : Breakout Paddle Version Demo 12-02-2001


BUSTin-Out by Daniel Bienvenu

Date : October 18th, 2000

This is a the public release of my new BreakOut-like game for adult only. There are 4 beautifull pictures to see. Collectable BUSTin-Out cartridges version available now.

1 joueur

Download : BUSTin-Out Volume 0 18-10-2000

Cosmo Challenge by Marcel de Kogel

Date : 1997

You control a spaceship. You have to eliminate the other spaceship at the opposite side of the screen. But, there is a asteroids field between you.

1 or 2 players

Download : Cosmo Challenge 1997

Cosmo Fighter 2 by Marcel de Kogel

Date : 1996-1997

This is the 2nd version of Cosmo Fighter originaly for ADAM. This version s spectacular. It's a "shoot'em up" game in the space.

1 player

Download : Cosmo Fighter 2 1996-1997

Cosmo Fighter 3 by Marcel de Kogel

Date : 1999-2001

As commander of the Cosmo Fighters, you have successfully defended the planet Xunor from an Alien Attack in Cosmo Fighter 2. Unfortunately, you have failed to destroy the enemy fleet entirely. And now, after two years of peace in the galaxy, it's back and once again seeking destruction! Again, you'll have to face a dangerous fleet of enemy fighters before facing the final challenge - the evil Zox himself!

1 player

Download : Cosmo Fighter 3 DEMO 19-08-2001

Cosmo Trainer by Marcel de Kogel

Date : 1997

You control a space ship. You have to fly fast in the asteroids field. I never see the end of this game.

1 or 2 players

Download : Cosmo Trainer 1997

DACMAN final version 1.3 by Daniel Bienvenu

Date : August 16th 2000

First Coleco game in year 2000. This game is a PACMAN-like game. There is 4 mazes in this version. You can win bronze, silver and gold medals when you clear a specific maze. I never see a PACMAN game for ColecoVision before. If you have a Real player, you can listen my game in action. Yes, DACMAN cartridges exist and I have one in my collection. Don't ask me for DACMAN carts... I don't have any DACMAN cart for sale. DACMAN project was started at july 10th. DACMAN final version was released at july 22th. I add in the 1st august version a pause mode with the '*' key. I add in the 8th august version a secret game DACPONG!.

DACMAN : 1 player

DACPONG! : 2 players

For more informations, visit DACMAN Homepage.

Download : DacMan 16-08-2000


GAMEPACK 1 by Daniel Bienvenu

Date : 28 April 2002, 20 May 2002

There is 5 little games in this rom (only 16K). Enjoy!

1 player

Download : GamePack Demo 1 28-04-2002

Download : GamePack Demo 2 20-05-2002

GAMEPACK 2 by Daniel Bienvenu

Date : 18 June 2003

Three(3) games (original games from Vic-20 user's book). Only 8k rom. Enjoy!

1 player

Download : GamePack Vic-20 Demo 18-06-2003

HAPPY HALLOWEEN by Daniel Bienvenu

Date : Octobre 26th, 2001

This is a playable demo made for the Halloween time. Good Luck!

1 player

Download : HAPPY HALLOWEN 26-10-2001

Kevtris by Kevin Horton

Date : 1996

This game is a Tetris-like game. There is nine skills.

1 or 2 players

Download : Kevtris 1996

NIM by Daniel Bienvenu

Date : November 3th, 2000

this is the ColecoVision version of the game NIM. The goal : never pick up the last object. You have to pick up one, two or three objects each time. Good Luck!

1 player agains Coleco

Download : NIM 03-11-2000


Purple Dinosaur Massacre by John Dondzila

Date : 1996

This is a "sprites" experience in a little game without sound. You have to kill all dinosaurs (I think it's Barney). This game never end. There is some modified roms made with I.C.V.G.M. like Kill Barney in Tokyo and Killer Instinct.

1 or 2 players

Download : Purple Dinosaur Massacre 1996


Reversi by Daniel Bienvenu

Date : 2001-2003

Finally you can play Reversi for the ColecoVision. More than three skill levels.

1 ou 2 players

Download : Reversi 22-11-2003

Space Invaders Demo by Eduardo Mello

Date : 23 April 2002

This game is based on the arcade game Space Invaders by Taito. No sound.

1 or 2 players

Download : Space Invaders Demo 23-04-2002


Space Invasion by John Dondzila

Date : 1998

First new Coleco game in year 1998. This game is Space Invader. A demo of this game was released in june 1998. The complete vesion containt 2 graphics set.

1 player

Download : Space Invasion Demo 02-06-1998

Download : Space Invasion 1998


Star Fortress by John Dondzila

Date : 1997

This game is Star Castle.

1 or 2 players

Download : Star Fortress 1997

St-Valentine by Daniel Bienvenu

Date : 14th February 2002

You are a secret admirer of a ColecoVision fan and you want something more original than a card? Simply add your name in this game and send it to your lover.

1 player

Download : St-Valentine (Generic) 14-02-2002

Download : St-Valentine (Generic) without the alien head 15-02-2002

Tic Tac Toe by Norman Nithman

Date : 1996

This is the smallest Coleco game in the world. This is the only Coleco game made by Norman Nithman.

1 or 2 players

Download : Tic Tac Toe 1996