"Satanic" Imperial & Royal Dragon Court and Order's website
Popular neo-Nazi "Stormfront" website using the Rosicrucian "cross & circle" symbol.
Republican David Duke's vocal white supremacist website using a Rosicrucian "cross & circle" symbol.
Worldwide Rosicrucian Masonic lodges - they're everywhere! (note "cross & circle" symbol)
Bestseller rationalizing Satanism & white supremacy - note "cross & circle" symbol Bizarre beliefs of the European aristocracy
What is Sion? The Return of the King?
The anti-Christ or the Second Coming?
Unity through belief and intent - the secret orders
Neo-Nazi "Stormfront.org" creator Don Black
and Representative David Duke (Republican)
in Washington DC.
(note Aryan symbols on the flags)
HRH Prince Michael Stewart - head of the thirty three Grail families of Sion. Is he Scottish Rite or wrong?
Royal House of Stewart
crest  & Aryan symbols
Choose Again!
What are the beliefs that currently steer America?